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  • sadly, it reminds me of graffiti

  • This looks like the work of Rogelio Maxwell. I wonder if it is?

  • Perhaps it is not actually part of BB & P but an adjacent building ? Because I just checked their website and there is no mention of the artist – which would be shameful. Googled around a bit – ok – 2-3 minutes – it is late – and found nothing. It should never be this hard to discover and credit an artist. I fear we are doomed.

  • I can’t blame the “artist” for not wanting their name out there. Sometimes artists just need to make some money, pay the rent, and then do their real artwork. Let’s hope this was done to pay the bills.

  • I’m sorry but it looks too much like it’s trying to hide the vent that it calls attention to the vent. When I first saw this, the first word that came to my mind was “cheesy” – and repeated viewings haven’t changed that opinion.

  • I think it’s a terrific way to cover up that ugly vent without keeping it from, well, venting. And I find it to be very pleasing on its own. Bravo!

  • the first word that came to mind was ghastly. art is in the eye of the beholder, this just isn’t art I care to behold.

  • I think its awesome as public art goes – way to go CityVista!

  • all they need now is a foutain by the strip club and we can all say busyboys is the king of fledging neighborhoods.

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