Beer Tasting at Red Derby Thursday Night

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From Orr Shtuhl:

“I’m hosting a beer tasting at the Red Derby (3718 14th St, NW) this Thursday at 8pm. I’m having it in the back room with the pool table, so it’s going to be really fun and informal, kind of like an ideal night at Derby plus good beer.

The beers are all ones they offer at the bar, so if you come, you might discover a new favorite. We’ll try 8 beers, and I’m setting them up as 4 side-by-side comparisons, to make things interesting.

At the Red Derby
With Orr Shtuhl, Beerspotter

8 beers
20 bucks
1 increasingly drunk host

Dec. 10 @ 8pm
Get your ticket in advance
Talk to your friendly bartender”

While I’m a devotee of Tecate at the Red Derby this sounds like fun.

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  • Oy to the Ve… mmmm beer

  • Who is Orr Shtuhl? Does the money for this event go to Orr Shtuhl, the Red Derby, PoP, some other entity?

  • Hey, thanks for asking–here’s the rest of the info. I write the Beerspotter column for the Washington City Paper (@beerspotter on Twitter), but this isn’t a City Paper event nor is it a PoP event. The money goes to the Red Derby, basically just to cover the 8 beers we’ll be tasting.

    The idea is to try some good beers, learn something new, and maybe make a couple of friends at a comfy neighborhood bar. Hope to see you there!

  • can you give us a pre-taste/idea of some of the beers we can expect to taste?

  • Skimming/reading fast, I first read this as “deer tasting!” Maybe a good idea too. . .

  • Bottle opener on the promo add
    Featuring beers all from Derby
    No bottled beers at Derby

    Should be a picture of a finger and pull tab. Just sayin’ 🙂

  • Hey Evan, I’ll be pouring all side-by-side comparisons: 2 malty beers, 2 hoppy beers, 2 stouts, and a surprise head-to-head matchup that is very near to my heart.

    Victoria, shhh…I’m planning that for the spring.

  • mieldog, actually the pointy part of that opener is an old-school can opener, from before cans had pull tabs on them and had to be poked into like Juicy Juice. also, all the finger clip art i found looked dirty.

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