Dear PoP – “Open floorplan – Exposed Brick”

gutted house 002

“Dear PoP,

This is one of the houses that was sold at auction (PoP Feb. 5, 2009) for $399,999. They just finished gutting it and the permit says it will be a single-family home – But I did get a laugh that the building permit is for “alterations and repair!””

This home is located at 3004 13th Street, NW (between Irving & Columbia Rd). Hipchickindc wrote about the home auction back in January. There was an update on some sales here. I’m definitely excited that these great homes are finally gonna get fixed up.

gutted house 006

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  • That is gutted, dang…

  • I agree – can’t think of any other way to describe this “renovation.”

  • …but hey, free wheelbarrow (wheels not included).

  • Wow, it has great light!

  • Uh…that is just a little more than fixed up.

  • I love that you can see where the stairs and floors used to be.

  • wow, that is odd looking.

  • Wait a minute, someone really paid 400k for a shell in Columbia Heights?

  • I think they paid 400K, then turned it into a shell.

  • Wow, what an open and airy floorplan! (sorry, I had to)

    I drive past this building all the time, so it’s nifty to see what’s actually behind the facade and plywood. Cool.

  • Fairly certain this is beyond the scope of the permit not to mention they don’t have the required supports for the neighbors walls. Next week we’ll see pictures of the neighbors wall collapsing if they dont shore them up soon.

  • Shoring and underpinning would be required if new plans call for excavating below existing neighboring structures.

  • Sigh. I have to admit, sometimes I imagine doing this to ours.

    I bet they’ll shore it up and lower the foundation. They’d be crazy not too at this point.

  • I like the basement security door best. nice touch

  • I hope someone salvaged what they could before destroying it! I hate seeing such extreme ‘renovations’.

  • I am wondering how big a house they can build here.
    At 400K for the property, the cost of demolition, and the cost of rebuilding I cannot see how this is not a huge money losing proposition.

  • They can build an awesome custom house for probably 300K or so behind that facade. That brings the total to 700K for a big house 1 block away from Columbia Heights metro. Considering that everything will be new, that house will be worth a lot more than 700K.

    Salvaged stuff? What is really to salvage in these old ruins? A couple of mantels and staircase railings? Those are easy to remove and save during demo. Otherwise, these old relics don’t have much of anything to save. It’s a lot easier and usually cheaper to rebuild than to try to restore old junk into half-a**ed condition.

  • PS. I want to see the ‘after’ pics. It will be interesting what happens to this space.

  • It is supposed to be condos:

    Interesting that they are supposed to be done in Oct!

  • Meant to say Nov. Still seems unrealistic.

  • I wonder if you could just pitch a tent in there and call it livable? Maybe flip it?

  • 3 luxury condos – probably 500k each. Figuring taxes and mortgage (if there is one – might have been paid for with cash) it will easily clear 500k of profit. Might even close in on 900k.

  • These developers have done several other condos in Columbia Heights and normally do excellent work. They typically convert these large homes to two duplexes that sell for about $600K each. It’s definitely profitable. They’re also currently working on a similar project on the 1400 block of Girard.

    I’d imagine they’re not thrilled their permit for “non-load bearing” work is now plastered all over the internet after they obviously gutted the whole house- load bearing and all.

  • i wish i could afford to rip out my house and start fresh like that. be too cool.

    is it common in columbia heights for old houses to have the stairs go from the back forward? i’ve not seen that in most of the city, though i’ve not been in many CH houses.and brick between the first floor windows? is that common?

  • is the back nonexistent?

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