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I finally saw the Yale Lofts located at 4th and New York Ave, NW. It is a huge building.


Anyone check out the units inside? what do you think of the building itself?

And here’s an update on the new building going up at Rhode Island Ave between 5th and New Jersey, NW.


And after the jump is one of my favorite buildings that we’ve seen before from Ledroit Park.


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  • Wow! Either that went up fast, or it’s been a long time since I passed that block.

    Photo of what used to be there. http://nicolliving.com/data.php?property_id=29

    This developer sold the land. It was another developer who built what you see in PoP’s photo.

    Kinda looks nice, from the distance in the photo. Wonder how nice it is up close?

  • I love it a lot. Not exactly a fabulous neighborhood quite yet, though. That will probably change in a few years.

  • After making a few trips to the Brass Knob Backdoor Warehouse, I’d agree with the sentiment that this neighborhood will one day be fabulous. I don’t live here btw and do not really aspire to either

  • The building has been occupied since early spring 2008. I have a good friend who lives on the top floor of the new, tall building. Amazing views. Standard “deluxe” condo interiors. The lobby, common areas, gym, rooftop pool (on the original, shorter building) are all very nicely appointed. And the neighborhood is actually quite lovely, on the north side. Typical urban Mass. Ave. on the south side. Only a few blocks from the new grocery store and restaurants and metro, so I think it’s a pretty decent ‘hood.

  • I was looking at the pictures on the official Web site, and the interiors on some of the units in the old building are breathtaking.

  • The units in the older, shorter building are spectacular. Definitely not your run-of-the-mill new construction. The units in the new building are nice, too, but not in the same league as the other building.

  • I already live in the neighborhood. All we need is one good resteraunt. Then we will be incredibly fabulous.

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