Petworth Home Renovations

Thanks to Jaime for letting me share the photos he took of his home renovations. He writes:

“The last 7 pictures are the “after” ones. Before that are some of the house in the process of being sanded, and at the top of the set are pictures I took before I bought it, showing the original floors. The work was done by Universal Floors and cost about $3,000 for everything. It took them about three and a half days from start to finish to do the work.”

I think it came out great!

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  • Jamie,
    Excellent job on the floors, Do you have a name and a contact person for Universal Floors. I need to start building my data base of contractors. I will need some work done immediately after I purchase a home

  • Ahoy !

    Old wooden floors can be ruined by hiring inexperienced sanders and refinishers.

    When you’ve been doing the same thing for over 50 years, you’ve seen it all and there are no surprises. I don’t know if Captain Lynn is still around, but call the sons, one of the Lynn brothers at Universal Floors 537.8900.

    If you’re doing other major interior renovations, flooring should be done last.

    You will need to identify your type old wood flooring, its thickness and suitability for sanding and refinishing.

    Good luck, Hoyabulldog.

    And felicitations, Jamie, well done. Flooring is the first impression, the first thing one notices upon first step over a threshold and through a doorway in entering a house or room.

    Nice to have floors that shine.

    Reformed Somali Pirate “Tantum Eruditi Sunt Liberi”

  • Looks great!

  • In case anyone is confused – the first pictures in the slideshow are BEFORE any work was done. The floors had been covered with some kind of dark brown lacquer which you can see in the first pictures. To see the results of the refinishing it’s probably easiest to just look on flickr and go to the end of the set.

    I think they did a great job and the price was reasonable. I had used Universal Floors about ten years ago for a house in Mt. Pleasant as well which is why I called them this time. They came with good recommendations back then too.

  • Going to the flikr page is a lot easier to look at these then going through the linked slideshow. But I’m still confused.

    So, what all was done here? Was it just sanding and refinishing the floors? I’m a little confused by the description and would like more info, b/c I’m trying to get a good idea about how much some home renovations would cost, and I’d like to know what was done for the $3000. Did they fix any squeky floors? Otherwise, it looks 100% better than the original state–good job!

  • While the estimate specifically excluded repairs (which is reasonable, since how could they know), they charged me exactly what they estimated at the beginning. They did a number of repairs including replacing two oak floorboards and a pine one upstairs, and a fair amount of patching cracks between floorboards. So they did that, sanded, and applied two coats of oil-based polyurethane.

    There was no squeaky floor fixing – this isn’t really part of a typical floor refinishing job and could actually be pretty involved, I would imagine, since you’d have to either take up a lot of floor or access it from below. In any event I didn’t have any significant squeaking problems.

  • I think it’s great. My new house has a lot of layout similarities and it is great to see what others do with these old houses.

    Anything odd or surprising in renovation that others should know about?

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