Washington, DC


A while ago I got a vague email telling me about potential plans for this space but I hadn’t heard anything else until this morning. And wow, are these interesting plans. The spot has been leased and will turn into Kindred Bar and Lounge. But it has a very interesting mission:

Have you ever found yourself wondering why that bottle of Miller Light at the bar costs the same as a six-pack at the liquor store? Or, why you have to pay so much more for a martini that only takes a minute to shake when you’re at home? Well, the answer to those questions is pretty simple: Bars charge more than liquor stores because they have to pay more overhead: opening costs, renting a space, paying employees, and interest on bank loans. When you do the math, it all adds up.
These are hard times, and most of us are having to cut back on outings to bars and restaurants. Or, maybe we now find ourselves only going to places with specials.

Here’s where KINDRED Bar and Lounge comes in. My goal in launching this unique and inclusive tavern is to provide everyone with a great space and great prices. I’m not trying to get rich quick, or to open up a chain of KINDREDs across the country. What I am trying to do is simply to pool our resources to create a space that saves us money, brings us together (with inexpensive drinks!) and ultimately provides a unique space for the community — for us.
I can only do this with your help.

What a cool idea. The idea is the brainchild of Nikisha Carpenter. You can read more info and more importantly donate here. Think it’ll be possible to raise the dough during these tough times?


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