Good Deal or Not? Small Rooms But Great Street Edition


This home is located at 2234 13th Street, NW:

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The flier says:

“Traditional floor plan with large, open kitchen and breakfast bar. LARGE, SECURE PKG space with overhead door. Sharply appointed kitchen with silestone counters and walk-in pantry. Warm hardwoods and exposed brick. Festive front patio and landscaped yard. Sky-lit stairwell and upstairs bath. 2 wood fireplaces. Separate laundry and storage. Less than 3 blocks to U street metro.”

More info and photos found here.

I think it’s no secret that I love this section of 13th Street. I had a chance to go into this home which was pretty sweet. It def. had the charm of an old house. My only complaint was that the bedrooms were def. on the small side. But I do like the exposed brick. So does $639,000 sound reasonable?

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  • very pretty place. too bad the fireplaces upstairs were bricked over.

  • THAT is a good deal.

  • Well, today’s GDoN-Revisited 4 blocks to the north was $55,000 cheaper and I think quite a bit larger … but I guess for some people this might be worth it for the better location.

  • Outrageous. Drop 200k and then you’re talking.

  • Good deal & the location alone makes is ~much~ more desirable than today’s GDoN.

  • LOL closer. are you saying that it you wouldn’t pay more than $439k for it, or that noone will pay more than $439k for it?

  • This will be under contract within a week, for sure.

  • I love it. The location is nice and the price is depressingly right.

  • I hate commenting on price reasonableness without comps, but the pics show as a very nice house, plus the location is very good. Parking around there is a plus, even if you could manage without a car at that location. If I was in the market this seems like it would be a nice place to consider.

  • HA! That’s our old house! We sold it in 2003 for $446k. Totally don’t recognize the interior. Looks like they did a great job fixing it up.

    Couple of things. The lot to the south was vacant for years and when they built the current building, the foundation shifted (you couldn’t close doors, etc.) Dunno how they fixed that one. Also, the neighbor to the north tried to sell it for some obscene amount and got no takers, so he made it a rental unit. Unless it’s been soundproofed, you can hear every beat of the gay party music next door.

    Anyway, it was a really nice block, most of the neighbors are pretty cool, and there’s always a lot of foot traffic going to U Street Metro. I never felt unsafe. But yeah, it is pretty small. That’s the primary reason we moved out.

  • They should have added to their blurb, “Live the Monkeyrotica lifestyle in his former DC home!” JK. Monkey, it’s the close-to-fisheye photography that made it unrecognizable. The main change they made from our setup IMO, was wood flooring. It was WTW carpets for us. Also, they added that garage door thing—we had a wooden gate, all new appliances in the kitchen (natch) & new countertops.

    The kitchen was just the right size!! I loved that house! My primary reason for moving out was not the room sizes, it was hearing every [email protected] thing the renters did in the next house, from idle whistling, to every inane phone conversation, their TV blaring, to insanely loud house parties that lasted all night. Something went horribly wrong with the soundproofing during that 2002 renovation on 2236 13th.

  • This is my house – we ended up taking it off the market. But I was surprised by monkeyerotica and nylonthread’s comments about noise – we have never heard conversations, phone calls, tv etc. through the walls from next door. If there was a problem with soundproofing I guess they fixed it, or else maybe you had some unusually loud neighbours who moved on shortly afterwards?

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