Where is the Best Place to Play Pool in the City?


I used to love playing pool at Angles on 18th Street in Adams Morgan but they removed one of the tables so it has fallen from my list. I’d probably have to say Red Derby since it’s a great bar table that only costs a buck. For pool halls I think I like Atomic in Cleveland Park the best. Where is your favorite place?

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  • For sure, Bedrock

  • Atomic is certainly my favorite. The least? Rocket Bar and Breadsoda in Glover Park

  • saf

    Bedrock is the best.

  • I used to live in Cleveland Park so I played Atomic all the time, but it’s very expensive. I like playing at the Grog and Tankard in Glover Park even though the tables are in bad condition. Cheap beers and live bands and very friendly people.

  • I used to frequent Angles for many years and when the second pool table disappeared we were taken aback and joked that they should just be called “Angle” (har har har). The one room is kind of weird now with those odd tables for “dining” now, it just doesn’t really fit the originial atmosphere. But their burgers are still some of the best around especially on sun, mon and tues when they are 2 for 1.

    I also like Atomic because they’ve got some random board games to play too. I was introduced to Pass the Pigs there and the term “leaning jowler”.

  • I loved Cue Bar, but it is no longer…I went to check out Rocket Bar this weekend, but not too much a fan. Red Derby is fun, but the table isn’t regulation and is on a bit of a slant. I will have to check out Atomic

  • Cue Bar and Dr Dremo’s (Arlington) were the two best. Sad to see them both gone in less than 6 months.

  • Can someone tell me where Bedrock and Atomic are and what the prices are?


  • Didn’t Grog and Tankard close, or is in the process of closing? I can’t say I was a fan. Paying $5.50 for Yuengling that tasted as if it had been pumped from perhaps the dirtiest taps in DC isn’t my idea of a good deal.

  • I’m a fan of Kokopoolies. Hardly ever overly crowded and few people know where it is. Though I won’t say no to Bedrock. Or Buffalo, but only during ladies night, which my dyke self feels entitled recognize when it is to my benefit.

  • I agree with Sara. Koko is NEVER crowded. Great to have places like that to get away from the masses on a friday night. But obviously bedrock is much nicer and has a better beer selection

  • Bedrock hands downs. Though for a quick game there’s a place next to Bedrock that used to be the Attic that used to be Zucchabar (I don’t know the name now) that has a coin/dollar operated table. I put in a $5 and got 5 games. Can’t beat that. Not regulation, though.

  • Anybody remember Babes?

  • Babes up in Tenleytown?

    don’t forget Koko’s gives you free popcorn! I think it’s so you drink more beer…

  • speaking of Babes, they closed it what 5 years ago to make it into condos. They got as far as painting the building black and putting the name of the condos on it which was something bad like MAXUM CONDOS or something like that. And then its been sitting there like that ever since. Anyone know the deal there?

  • Anyone ever manage to do an atomic sit-up?

  • I like Buffalo Billiards at Dupont, but it can get pretty busy on weekends.

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