Washington, DC


Now, I’ve visited a lot of homes since I started the ‘good deal or not’ feature. I can tell you I have absolutely no stake in whether this home sells or not. Now having said that, this is by far the most incredible home I’ve seen in the Columbia Heights area (besides the million dollar beauty). I mean it is seriously incredible. It looks just like a normal house from the outside but that is quite deceiving. It has two staircases, multiple fireplaces, a skylight, a carriage house and a huge yard and driveway. The only thing wrong with it in my opinion is that the main house has some goofy wallpaper. It has three bedrooms, two full baths, and one half bath. check out all the details and some inside photos here. The original price was $839,000 but it has now dropped to $775,000. But seriously check out the photos before you make your judgment. This house blew me away.



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