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I got all depressed over the street harassment and the schools post so I thought it was time for a lighter question of the day. The post about the death of the cassette tape got me thinking. What was the first cassette I ever owned? Then I thought what was the first cd I’ve ever owned? And finally I thought about the first concert I ever went to. And I’m dying to know your answers.

So first cassette I owned – Michael Jackson’s Thriller
First cd I owned was U2 Joshua Tree
First concert I ever went to was Bon Jovi’s Slippery When Wet Tour – 1986. Oh yeah!

So what was the first cassette, cd and concert you owned/went to?

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  • First cassette…I was an LP girl. First CD…don’t really remember. First concert…Air Supply. How lame.

  • first cassette I owned was the Best of Blondie which I got used for like $0.25 let’s say around 1982. First concert, like most people in DC those years, the Slickee Boys

  • Chronologically:
    First cassette: Lone Rhinoceros, Adrian Belew
    First concert: Grateful Dead, City Island, Harrisburg
    First CD: A Thelonius Monk cd that I can’t place. (It had “I’m confessing” on it).

    Just goes to show how random that stuff can be. I probably owned Dark Side of the Moon in every medium but 8 track.

  • First cassette, there you’ve stumped me, can’t recall. First CD’s, I bought four together: Billy Joel’s greatest hits 1-2 (mandatory for every early teen / pre-teen boy in NJ), INXS Kick, and Joshua Tree. First concert, I’m afraid it was Barry Manilow. With my parents. Umm, yeah.

  • My first was a 45.

    Feeling old today…

  • Can’t remember my first cassette, but my first 45 was A-Ha’s “Take on me,” my first CD was the significantly less cool Debbie Gibson’s Out of the Blue.

    My first concert was a Morrissey concert from his Your Arsenal tour. Well that was the first concert of my choice. My first concert ever was to see Anne Murray with my parents.

  • Okay, I’m a little embarrassed by one of these:
    First cassette: Styx, I don’t remember the title
    First CD: Paul Simon, Graceland
    First concert: Devo, 1980 Orpheum Theater, Boston

  • First cassette – I don’t remember, probably some funny castoff from my dad, like the Pointer Sisters or Bob Seger
    First CD – I bought two at the same time, Ace of Base and Green Day – Dookie
    First concert – Meatloaf. I was twelve. And I went with my parents. It was awesome.

  • First cassette(s): the first two I can remember are from elementary school, Def Leppard’s Pyromania and the Police, Syncronicity, although I may have had a couple Men at Work tapes before that.

    First CD: Can’t remember. May have been Beatles Sgt. Pepper

    First Concert: Huey Lewis and the News baby!

  • first “tape” was bob welch. second was steve miller. First concert was the Doobie Brothers–awesome! Don’t feel too old, I remember being a kid and being so board out of my mind at my grandmas house that I’d finally break down and wind up the old victrola.

    Here is a funny bon jovi video for my fellow petworth friends…

  • Herb, which of us should feel older? My first recorded music was on an 8 track, and I do not remember what it was. The first album, a thoughtful gift from my older brother, was 10CC (you all should all immediately get stuck on a song for the weekend). The first concert was Boston (now is the time for all the guys to put on their best falsetto). I’m not sure about the first CD either, but the first i-Tunes download may have been Lily Allen.

  • As they occurred:
    45: Carpenters- Sing
    LP: Fleetwood Mac- Rumours
    Concert: Kansas -Philladelphia Spectrum
    Cassette: Dire Straits- Dire Straits
    CD: Fine Young Cannibals- The Raw and the Cooked

  • So first cassette I owned – Run-DMC Raising Hell
    First cd I owned was- Digital Underground- Sex Packets
    First concert I ever went to was -The Dead Milkmen @ the old 9:30 club

  • Ah, this is a good question…
    First cassette was MC Hammer. I was for some reason really weirded out by NKOTB. Clearly 2 Legit 2 Quit.
    First CD was Greenday – Dookie. I know that’s late, but we didn’t get a cd player til kinda late. I still have that CD though and its still great.
    First Concert was 311 with No Doubt as the special guest. The concert was awesome and right around the time that No Doubt was just getting big.

  • I can’t recall my first cassette but I do remember my first album.

    LP -Olivia Newton John – Physical
    Cassette- I can’t really remember. I didn’t have that many. I sort of skipped straight from LPs to CDs. I do remember having some Beatles tapes, Debbie Gibson, a Martika single – Toy Soldier.
    CD- I have 2. My parents owned an appliance/electronic store so I remember the first CD my dad ever bought for demo was M.A.R.R.S – pump up the volume. I think the first CD I owned, unfortunately, was Please Hammer Don’t Hurt Em. I don’t know why it was so lame because I had way better taste in music. I was the lone kid wearing Beatles t-shirts in the 5th grade when everyone else was wearing NKOTB.

  • This is embarrassing. I was 8 or 9 when CD’s became popular, so my music taste wasn’t quite up to par. My first cassette was probably Raffi or something. I think my first CD was Michael Bolton (yikes) or maybe Billy Joel (not nearly as bad). First concert, another embarrassment, was a Kenny G/Toni Braxton concert, with my mom, at the old Boston Garden, circa 1994. I promise my music taste has gotten much better since then…

  • I forgot my first concert.

    With parents – Weird Al Yankovic. We taped it and just about the time he gets ready to do eat it the camcorder dies. You hear the music, see him put on the jacket, and then it cuts off.

    Without parents – R.E.M

  • Aaahh..what a great question, but I’m adding my first album and iTune to the list, because I just got an iPod this week, and albums are just as important as cassettes (8 tracks just never really took off so I’m leaving it out):

    First Album: Queen, The Game
    First cassette: The Clash, Combat Rock (still have it!)
    First CD: Pink Floyd, Dark Side Of The Moon, of course.
    First iTune: Josh Ritter “Snow Is Gone”
    First concert: Triple bill of the Fixx, B-52’s, and A Flock of Seagulls.

    DcRat – I saw Devo at the 930 Club last year, still one of the best shows around!

    Geez – this is making me feel old – new question!

  • this is pretty embarrassing…

    Cassette: Debbie Gibson or New Kids on the Block-not sure which my sister and I got first
    CD: Janet Jackson’s self titled album Janet
    Concert: My first concert ever was one my parents took me to, to see the 4 tops performing with some other great oldies, but sadly the first concert I ever bought tickets to myself was Blink 182 (someone kill me please)

  • First LP: Sesame Street Disco
    First cassette: Some compilation that included Aha’s “Take on Me” and the Beach Boys “Kokomo”
    First CD: Elton John’s greatest hits
    First concert: Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds (acoustic tour) (Sadly this was in college, I didn’t get out to concerts in my youth)

  • First tape – ‘Like A Virgin,’ Madonna
    First CD – ‘Bleach,’ Nirvana
    First concert – David Lee Roth, Eat ‘Em and Smile tour

  • First LP: The Stray Cats or Adam Ant
    First Tape: Micheal Jackson-Thriller
    First CD: Talking Heads-Road to Nowhere
    First Concert: Tiffany!!!! (Hey at least I can admit it)

  • first concert: Laura Branigan
    first cassette tape: Prince, Purple Rain
    first CD: Erasure, the one with the song Chains of Love

  • First tape: MJ’s “We are the World” single
    First CD: Ozzy’s “No More Tears”
    First Concert: Metallica — The Black Album Tour

  • First tape: Believe it was MC Hammer
    First CD: Can’t recall
    First Concert: Faith no More opening for Metallica, who preceded Guns n’ Roses “Use your Illusion 1, and 2” all at RFK, it was amazing, I was in 7th grade and went with my older half brother.

    Best innocent question from the concert..

    Me: “Why are all those people behind us sharing one stupid cigarette back and forth like that?”
    Half-Brother: “Its not a cigarette”
    Me: “What? Yes it is”
    Half-Brother: “No, its not. Never mind, and watch the show”
    Me: “Ok… whatever”

  • I suspect all you Debbie Gibson fans were so put out when Georgetown wouldn’t let her into the school!

  • I think my first cassette was Toto IV. It was either that or the Go Gos, Beauty and the Beat.

    My first (real) concert was Bruce Springsteen, Born in the USA (1984).

    I have no idea what my first CD was.

  • Fellow Petworthian –
    Actually, I am pretty sure I also rocked out to a Beach Boys cassette. I am thinking I need to go the Banneker Pool this weekend with that on my ipod and rock out a bit. “Aruba, Jamaica, oooh I wanna take ya…” Nothing wrong with that.

  • maeella-
    Can you get fruity rum drinks with umbrellas at Banneker? If so you will see me there!

  • First cassette: Ozzy Osbourne’s Blizzard of Oz (Randy Rhodes Forever!)
    First CD: Led Zeppelin’s Physical Graffitti
    First Concert: The J. Geils Band, Freeze Frame Tour, 1982 (Angel is a centerfold).

  • HA! A great way to play guess-the-age-of-the-comment-pool. But first, it must be said: at least in underground music circles, the cassette is not dead. Several new tape-only labels have sprung up in the past year or so. Seems like a mini movement of sorts. Anyway:

    Another old fart here. Evidence:

    First LP: Queen: A Night At The Opera (hey man, the prophet’s song totally rocked)
    First cassette: ELO: Eldorado
    First CD: Master Musicians of Jajouka: Apocalypse Across the Sky
    First show: Suicidal Tendencies at the old 9:30 club, 1985

  • First ‘Tape’: Wham! Make It Big
    First CD: Billy Joel, An Innocent Man
    First Concert chaperoned: NKOTB, lol!
    First Concert unchaperoned HS sophomore year: Bryan Adams

  • Oh, this is a bit embarrassing…

    First cassette tape: Madonna “The Immaculate Collection”
    First CD: Purchased 2 at the same time- C+C Music Factory “Gonna Make You Sweat” and 3rd Base “Derelicts of Dialect” (Pop goes the weasel cause the weasel goes pop)
    First Concert: Van Morrison

  • First cassette: Eddy Grant (whatever album had Electric Avenue on it)
    First CD: West Coast Rap All-Stars (We’re All In the Same Gang)
    First concert: A Tribe Called Quest w/ De La Soul @ Ritchie Coliseum @ University of Maryland in 1993. De La never showed because Posdnous “got sick” so instead they played that Queen Latifah album that had “U.N.I.T.Y.” on it like three times in a row before Tribe came out.

  • First cassette: Little Shop of Horrors soundtrack
    First concert: Tiffany, NKOTB opened
    First CD: Beastie Boys Licensed to Ill (big improvement)

  • First record: Michael Jackson, Thriller; Culture Club, Colour by Numbers (simultaenous)
    First tape: Bryan Adams
    First concert: Blues Traveller

    Looking forward to Banneker pool too.

  • First tape: I think it may’ve been Bruce Springsteen, Born in the USA – probably swiped from my father.
    First CD: maybe The Smiths?
    First concert: The Cure, Love and Rockets, and the Pixies at the Meadowlands, 1989.

  • From what I remember:

    First LP: Michael Jackson, Thriller
    First cassette: (no idea)
    First CD: Aerosmith’s greatest hits
    First concert: Run DMC and Beastie Boys Together Forever tour. (That’s right, My Adidas and Fight for your Right together! BEST CONCERT I’ve ever seen to this day, and I was only 12 at the time!)

  • First cassette: Def Leppard “Pyromania”
    First CD:Metallica “And justice for all”
    First Concert: “Sam Kinison”(Have you seen me lately tour)
    First Music concert: “Motley Crue”

  • 45: Le Freak by Chic
    LP: Journey, Escape
    Concert: Journey (Opening act Bryan Adams) at The Great Western Forum – Los Angeles, CA Went by myself (13 y.o.) Had sneaked out. Screamed, sang along etc, but then realized I needed a ride back home, so I ended up calling Mom to pick me up. I still feel the spanking, but so worth it. 🙂
    Cassette: The Go-Go’s, Beauty and the Beat
    CD: Duran Duran, Rio
    iTunes: Interpol’s Evil

  • I can’t remember my first cassette/CD purchase….but my first concert was amazing! I was 15 and pleaded with my parents to let me and several friends drive up to the Saratoga Performing Arts Center and see the Reggae Sun-Splash show. It was a noon to midnight show with various reggae artists. After several days of begging, they relented and let me go. What a show!!

  • I’m with E-girl, never a big casette fan.

    First LP: Grease soundtrack – I had to share it with my sister because it was a double album, and I believe cost the incredible amount of $12 (it was the late 70s).

    First CD: U2’s Joshua Tree

    First Concert: Suzanne Vega at Smith College (1986?)

  • First cassette: Europe, The Final Countdown
    First CD: I held off for so long, I think I started buying vinyl punk records before I started picking up CDs. Might have been Public Enemy’s Takes a Nation of Millions or Corrosion of Conformity’s Technocracy.
    First Concert: R.E.M (probably same tour as Julie, above)

  • First cassette: Michael Jackson – Bad
    First CD: Jimi Hendrix live at Woodstock
    First Concert: George Clinton and the P-Funk All Stars

  • First tape was queen news of the world. First concert was u2 at a very small club right before war came out.

  • Fellow Petworthian- You can if I pack them in my nalgene bottle on the sly! ha.

  • 1st LP Parliament – Motor Booty Affair (actually, Mom bought it for us)
    1st concert Prince at RFK

  • First LP: Billy Joel, Glass Houses

    First cassette: don’t remember

    First CD: The Doors, Best of the Doors double album

    First concert: Rush, Moving Pictures Tour at the Cap Center

  • First cassette: Paul Young – The Secret of Association (loved everytime you go away).
    First CD: Nirvana – Nevermind
    First concert: The Spin Doctors.

    I don’t regret a thing.

  • First cassette: “Electric Avenue” by Eddy Grant.
    First CD: “Ten” by Pearl Jam
    First concert: Rush (Roll the Bones tour)

  • First cassette: “Colour by Numbers” by Culture Club (yes, I was that gay even as a kid)
    First CD: I actually don’t know.
    First concert: Public Enemy (Charlottesville, 1992) (Which is way cooler than my second or third concerts, but I was just hungary to go to anything at that point.)

  • First Cassette: Ugh- Kiss – the one with “detroit rock city”
    First CD: someone else said Fine Young Cannonballs- and that sounds right. I’m embarrassed I switched over so late
    First Concert: was really Beatlemania, but my second, and one cool thing I ever did as a teen was-The Psychedelic Furs

  • This is fun!

    First cassette: Michael Jackson “Thriller”
    First CD: Pearl Jam “Ten”
    First concert: Red Hot Chili Peppers opening for the Rolling Stones (Rose Bowl, Pasadena, CA 1994)

  • First cassette: INXS “Kick” (1987)

    First CD: Pearl jam?

    First Concert: They Might Be Giants

  • First Tape: a somewhat popular selection here, Michael Jackson “Thriller”

    First CD: Green Day, “Insomniac”

    First Concert: Talib Kweli (yeah, I’m kind of a young blood)

  • First LP: Glen Campbell
    First 45: J. Geils Band ‘Freeze Frame’
    First Cassette: Go-Go’s ‘Vacation’ (or possibly soundtrack to The Wiz movie)
    First CD: ABBA Live
    First Concert: Eurythmics at Red Rocks outside of Denver – it killed (unless you count pre-pop Amy Grant at a megachurch with my parents).

  • first LP – twofer on my 8th birthday – Kiss – Alive II and Donna Sumer – Bad Girls. Toot toot, yeah, beep beep!

    first cassette – can’t remember; Foreigner 4? Styx Grand Illusion? Black Sabbath Paranoid? Rolling Stones Tattoo You? Something like that.

    first cd – John Coltrane – A Love Supreme

    first concert – either The Firm or Van Halen (1984 tour). Can’t remember which came first.

  • Hey Christopher –

    Was that PE concert in some crappy little club that was packed to the gills and PE came on like 2 hours late? If so, I was at that show, and I still have the scar above my left eye where some dude broke a heineken bottle across my face. Hope it wasn’t you!

  • First LP: Sesame Street Disco
    Cassette: Debbie Gibson single (ugh) “Only in my dreams”
    First CD: U2 Joshua Tree
    First concert: Bon Jovi Keep the Faith tour, 1994 (?), Hartford Civic Center

  • I have to mention my first LP that made an impression on me for years to come…Free to Be You and Me

  • st at 3:19 PM

    i was at that public enemy concert in cville as well and remember the fracas that broke out. the show was at trax, which is the same place where dave matthews played every tuesday night for $6 for a year or two. public enemy was much better in concert than i had thought they’d be.

  • First Tape: City of Angels
    First CD: Queen Innuendo, actually got the first CD before the first tape, ha
    First Concert: Dave Matthews Band–ugh, i was 15 and its the midwest, what can i say?

  • Trax, that’s right. The crazy thing was that the fracas was short, and didn’t result in any real consequences – everyone was just overheated and pissed off from having to stand in that packed crowd for so long, and the normal heave of that many people jammed up next to each other turned into pushing, which turned into a punch or two (and the aforementioned bottle across the face), but then it kind of stopped. Nobody really wanted to go outside and take it any further, because they wouldn’t let us back in, and I was goddamned if I was going to miss the show after waiting for all that time. So the crowd just kind of reshuffled to get the warring parties away from each other, and a few minutes later the band came on. I went to the bathroom and cleaned up the cut, pressed a paper towel to my eye and went back out. I swear, after the show, the guy that hit me with the bottle gave me a friendly wave as the crowd dispersed, and someone I think I had punched came over and bummed a cigarette while I was waiting for my friend to come back with the car. Ah, youth.

  • at the risk of outing myself as the oldest person who reads this blog…
    First 45–“Rock On,” David Essex, 1974 (8th grade)
    first LP–given to me as a gift: Abbey Road, the Beatles (still have it!); purchased from my own allowance: bachman turner overdrive, “not fragile”
    First Cassette (thankfully, i skipped 8 tracks altogether for the “pure” sound of LPs)–gift, “Saturday Night Fever” (i weep with shame at having to reveal this); purchased with my own money, Ramones, “Rocket to Russia” or Boomtown Rats “Fine Art of Surfacing;” i think i bought them at the same time, but not sure.

    first CDs: Sting’s double live CD “Bring on the Night,” Peter Gabriel, “So,” and The Smiths “The Queen is Dead,” all purchased the day i bought my first CD player as an early Christmas gift to myself.

    First Concert–in a club, REM, Cat’s Cradle, Chapel Hill, Jan. 1982. in a stadium, Amnesty International Tour, 1984, Atlanta, featuring U2, Peter Gabriel, Bryan Adams, the Police (was supposed to only be Sting, but Copeland and Summers walked out on stage with him when he was announced), the Neville Brothers, Lou Reed, Joan Baez…

  • First cassette: Mostly mixed tapes since I was an LP and radio girl, but first pre-recorded cassette was Everything but the Girl (1984)
    First LP (kids music): Really Rosie by Carole King and Sesame Street Soundtrack
    First real LP: Beauty and the Beat by the Go-Gos (1982) but I listened a lot to my older brothers Led Zeppelin albums.
    First CD: Blue Bell Knoll by the Cocteau Twins (1988)
    First concert: Roxy Music (1983 – I was 14)

  • First cassette: Elvis Costello – Punch the Clock (present from my older sister)
    favorite LPs – going way back – a tie between Disco Duck and the soundtrack to Peter Pan…
    First 45s: Abba – Dancing Queen or Pina Colada Song
    First concert: The Police, followed by Duran Duran a month later (1984)

  • first cassette- something i took from my brother.
    first cd- deseree and greenday “dookie”
    first concert- smashing pumpkins

  • im a little late on this one, but i was out of town for a long weekend…

    first tape was the teenage mutant ninja turtles (soundtrack i guess)
    first cd was sublime (santeria?)
    first illegal download was britnney spears – im a slave for you (oh freshman year)
    first legally purchased download – nelly furtado – folklore

    does anyone buy cds still, or just buy tracks from itunes to burn your own?

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