French’s Cleaners Gets Upgraded

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French’s Cleaners on 14th Street near the Red Derby is looking good. New signs and upgrades on the inside. The best part was they took out this old press that I think would make a sweet lawn decoration. So does anyone use them? Close up of the press after the jump.


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  • We use French’s all the time. They’re a great little shop with reasonable prices and good service.

  • What are they going to charge for shirts?

  • I’ve been using them for a while now. No complaints at all and the family that works there is very nice and friendly. I’m loving the new signage.

  • I have a question about the new sign…I noticed that there are many new signs along that stretch – the furniture store Brown’s (I think) has new awnings and new signs, Coopers Hardware has new signs, French’s and a couple others. My husband and I were wondering if there is some kind of DC gov’t money or business improvement district money available for new signage. It’s as if one got it and the rest hopped on the deal.

    Looks good!

  • And the son John (if he spells his name that way) is forever friendly and remembers all names. Amazing. They had one of the city grants to help cover the cost of the upgrades. It was a good city investment in my mind.

  • Lawn decoration PoP?!! Where did you grow up, in a trailer in West Virginia?

  • Cupcake, yes there is. Something along the lines of “The Small Business Initiative”. I can dig up details from an earlier thread I think I started on in the forum. Its a great initiative, hope the business owners do their part by cleaning up and painting the interiors etc. themselves. You know, put a little effort to it themselves too.

    French’s got a grant from them as well. We use them a lot – super super friendly. Not the fastest service for some items, but we really like them. Can’t recall what cleaning a bunch of shirts costs per item.

  • I live, literally, across the street.

    Great people, not unreasonable prices, they are open early and late, which is amaing.

  • French’s Cleaners did not stop there. Once they completed the store redesign, they also launched a website. Check them out at Pretty cool look.

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