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  • I don’t really care for it, but I do appreciate that at least they went with a modern style and didn’t try to make the pop up look “authentic”- what really get me are the giant shingled monstrosities.

  • At least they matched the color of the window trim in an attempt to pull it all together.

  • Agree, at least it seems high quality and does not try to pretend its part of the original design. PLUS again, no one really walks gazing at the sky liky you do PoP. I bet 99.9% of the people walking by never notice, heck, maybe not event the folks living on the same street.

  • I’m not a big fan of the satellite dishes next door. I’m fine with having them, but we all have flat roofs, so why not move them back a few feet so they aren’t as obvious?

    I guess it’s probably lazy satellite installers who don’t care as much about aesthetics as they do with a quick and easy install.

  • what block?

  • This townhouse is on Ontario Road, heading down the hill just past Columbia and the Safeway. I walked by these condos everyday when I lived in Adams Morgan and saw the construction progress as they were completed in 2006. For a time I was obsessed with this townhouse, so I toured the basement / street level unit, and the layout is just as you expect: long and skinny.

  • These condos were also not done very well and there was some questionable work with the condo paperwork. The owners are suing the developer.

  • Also, this townhouse is one of the catalysts behind the move to make Lanier Heights (where this is technically located) a historic district.

  • Whoa.
    Very VERY bad…

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