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  • Q: What are they selling?
    A: Move to Ft Totten Station and you’ll have a great, straight, sex life.
    R: Yeah, right.

  • That area needs some development, there is a lot of potential around the Ft. Totten metro and the plaza at the intersection of Riggs and South Dakota

  • Oh man, the other sign has NOTHING on this one. Wow. I just never thought of Ft Totten as “where the magic happens.”

  • the area around Ft. Totten reminds me a lot of Houston. i.e. terminally ugly. those cheap apartments they are throwing up also appear to be made of paper mache and elmer’s glue. whoever moves in there better hope the big bad wolf starts smoking.

  • Maybe it’s just the harsh lighting, but those fishnet legs are lookin’ rather male…and THAT would bring “targeted marketing” to a whole new, sensational level…

  • oh yeh… “where the magic happens”!?!?!?
    no, dear, no. Ft.Totten is where the transfer happens.
    Nothing more.

  • Wow…can it get any cheesier? I thought the one by 9:30 was corny, but this is completely tasteless. Nothing about this is high-end…assuming that’s what they were aiming for. I’m confused.

  • I can’t tell where the rest of the dude’s body is. same with the female legs. maybe that’s the magic, there torsos are somewhere else. either that’s magic, or a columbian mob hit.

  • whoops, that’s “their torsos”, not “there”.

  • yeah, what IS going on here? what does this “magic” consist of? and i thought fort totten was residential in nature? not there’s magic and some sort of force that will “stop you in your tracks.” wow, well, i’m not sure whether to continue my investigation into this “magical” “force” or just call to reserve my spot on the waiting list. it MUST be worth it…

    for the record, the banner ad for the floridian wins out. apparently there’s a market for all those people who used to shop at hot topic and who want to ‘live on the edge.’ they probably all own that ford suv too.

  • I am glad to see development around the Fort Totten Station. Soon there will be a large retail/residential project that is named fort totten square.(http://www.cassidypinkard.com/wmspage.cfm?parm1=8860). As for the ad, it seems a bit cheezy….

  • I’m not glad to see the development at Ft. Totten. “Gee, lets build a HUGE parking lot and countless crappy apartments right on top of a known traffic bottleneck!” As if it doesn’t already take forever and ever for the busses to make the u-turn at Ft. Totten.

  • BUSTED, Oden!!!!! If it takes forever for the buses to do the U-turn then it can’t be quicker than taking the Green Line.

  • Wrongo. It takes forever, ever, *AND* ever for the Greenline. HTH.

  • Admittedly Pauper, if Ft. Totten gets flooded with fishnet-wearin’ trannies and lower torso admirers as depicted in this billboard, my delicate sensibilities might cause me to alter my route so as not to be offended. I already have to contend with two boys who make fart noises in the back of the bus on their way to school — okay — I sort of find that amusing.

  • Is there a brothel next door?

  • maybe the message is: “easy access to prostitutes”….

  • I agree. All this sign says to me is, “Prostitutes are abundant in this building.”

  • Um, I don’t know what everyone is complaining about? Fishnets + Magic + Happening = Ft. Totten. Wait, or is it Ft. Totten + Fishnets – Happening = Tranny Magic? Unclear…unclear.

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