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Has Your Street Been Plowed? Tuesday Edition

by Prince Of Petworth January 26, 2016 at 2:30 pm 61 Comments


“Dear PoPville,

Can we do a post on residential streets plowed or unplowed? I see the snow plow tracker has tons of activity in Georgetown but we haven’t seen a single plow on the residential streets of R, S, T, 12th, etc. in NW. DPW acting director is reporting the city is concentrating on areas of the city — doing them completely and then moving to others. How were the “areas” chosen?”

  • PetworthMom

    We live on 4th Street NW (a block from New Hampshire NW) and we’ve been plowed several times. I assume it’s because we’re across the street from a DCPS school (Barnard). However, they didn’t come and do the school’s sidewalks until late last night.

  • DW

    CM Nadeau told me yesterday that our neighborhood is being treated just like all the others despite what snowtracker shows. 12th and S Street has not had a single plow. :(

    • ANonieMuse

      Makes me long for the Graham-ster.

      • Anonymous

        Why? Our street never got plowed while he was CM. This year, it was plowed 5 times since Friday. Now, I don’t know if CM Nadeau had anything to do with it, but it was certainly an improvement over previous snowstorms.

  • No plows on Swann between 18th and 19th NW, on 19th NW, or S St NW north of Dupont. It looks like they got R Street yesterday, but all of the other side streets haven’t been plowed north of Dupont.

    • neighbor

      Funny story: they did NOT plow R St yesterday, but it looks clear because it’s been driven on so much!

      • Oof.

      • JohnH

        Just because snow remains, doesn’t mean it wasn’t plowed. I’ve seen plows go down R. I live on a snow emergency route and they’ve been plowing since during the storm and you could just start seeing pavement yesterday. Also, cars probably could not start driving down a street that had not been plowed.

        • neighbor

          That last part is really not true. 19th St has definitely seen ZERO plows and it is being driven on.

  • eb

    New Hampshire Avenue NW between U street and W street has not been plowed. (I live on the block between U and V). Its been quite a few days watching cars get stuck, and individuals ultimately shoveling the street to get their cars out.

  • Caroline

    Neighborhood just north of U Street corridor (10th, 11th, V, W etc) is mostly clear!

  • uglybetty

    I second the non-response in Ward 1 — 12th and T has not had a plow. Most east-west in 14th street corridor are unplowed.

  • Forest Hills Res

    In NW, Appleton and 36th haven’t been plowed at all. Albemarle is plowed, but only one lane of traffic can get by at a time.

  • Anon

    No plows on Ontario Place yet.

  • kallie

    No plows on Otis Pl. NW yet. No side streets I’ve seen – with the exception of the one where the police substation is – have been plowed yet in Park View.

  • sproc

    Had to get out of the house today. Ran downtown at lunch, west on K St, up New Hampshire than up into Adams Morgan. The number of unplowed streets was amazing. Even M St in downtown only had a single lane open. To the city’s credit, I have never seen so many dump trucks in one place. They stretched for blocks up 18th and were completely gridlocking Dupont Circle.
    My biggest frustration, though, is the number of crosswalks that continue to be plowed in. Very frustrating even when you’re on blocks with sidewalks in great shape, but then you can’t cross without wading through slushy drifts.

  • Fancypants

    Here in Brightwood Park, not much plowing here. Longfellow, Madison, and Marietta have been untouched east of Georgia Ave.

  • ustreeter

    Again, 12th Street NW has had melting but no plowing despite the Thurgood Marshall Center being on the block. If not for their contracted plows the street would have no parking.

  • ustreeter

    Supposedly trash pickup will be attempted Thursday but I know they will not pick ours up since the alley is only half shoveled by car owners. And they threw the snow in the middle of the alley in a big heap :(

  • LeahN

    Acker Place NE (Cap Hill/H Street) hasn’t seen a plow yet, though 6th & 7th both look okay. Folks have freed about three or so parked cars on each end of the block via massive shovel work. #GreatAckerEscape2016

  • wdc

    Nope, my block (in columbia heights) looks like the one in the picture. Still. 2.5 days after the last flake fell.
    However, each and every house on my side of the street cleared their piece of the sidewalk, or someone else did it for them. Go neighbors!

  • Jj

    How about shoveling out a few street corners? Who is responsible? Nearly every corner I come to is a large pile of snow with a huge puddle. The plows often add to the pile. This is the case almost everywhere, including very busy intersections up and down 14th Street, in Dupont, etc.

    • kl00t

      Watching a crew do that at 17th and L NW right now, and saw another yesterday at Columbia Rd/18th NW. At 17th and L it looks like a crew of Golden Triangle workers. The ones in AdMo were wearing blue jackets, not sure what that means.

      Also shoutout to all the “civilians” who are helping out! I’ve seen several people helping out with the intersections themselves!

      • JCo

        +1 Shoutout to that crew outside my office at 17th and L! So grateful for them.

    • Corner cuts are the responsibility of the property owner whose building fronts said corners. I live on a corner, so my shoveling responsibility includes the ADA cuts. Yes, it’s a bit of work, as the cuts get re-filled by passing plows and traffic, but it’s not too much to add to the shoveling duties.

  • 8th Street SE

    My neighborhood was already plowed when I woke up Sunday morning.

    • uglybetty

      What councilmember lives on your block!

      • textdoc

        Isn’t 8th Street SE a pretty major north-south street?

  • neighbor

    As of 9:30 AM this morning, 19th NW between florida and Dupont Circle had NOT been plowed, and neither had S between Connecticut and 14th NW. I’m hoping to get home to clear street. I’m a fed, but I went to work cause I got shit to do! (that i can’t do at home)

    • It’s still not plowed. Sigh.

  • also anon

    Ward 5 here. The main streets look good (12th St NE, South Dakota NE) but there are seemingly random residential side streets (including mine) that have not been plowed.

  • Lamont Street

    Lamont St. NW between 11th and Georgia hasn’t seen a plow yet either. Every time a car tries to get through it gets stuck.

  • Philippe Lecheval

    I don’t know if they’ve gotten to it since this morning, but 15th next to McPherson Square had barely a single lane cleared on that block, despite the fact that traffic runs in both directions on it.

  • jaybird

    1300 block of Corcoran? Negatory.

  • nc3

    Our ANC rep chased plows down and raised heck with our councilmember to get a few completely blocked side streets plowed. The plows were hesitant to come down the side street, but when one did it got stuck and we had to dig it out. It was a huge sand truck, but only had 2 wheel drive… I wonder which previous administration was paid off in that truck contract.

  • Rracosky

    1400 Block of Corcoran hasn’t seen a plow yet. All neighbors have been calling and emailing to no avail. What most concerns me is what happens during an emergency and a fire truck or ambulance has to get down the street??

    • kl00t

      I know this doesn’t help with all emergencies, but I noticed yesterday that the two fire trucks I saw had snow chains on their back tires, so presumably they should be able to make it through even if police couldn’t.

  • yesjillsergeant

    1400 block of Chapin Street NW is completely un-plowed :(

    • FridayGirl

      The 1300 and 1400 blocks between U St. and Columbia Heights have been VERY hit or miss. I didn’t take a good walk around today, but I noticed yesterday afternoon that one block would be plowed and the next (particularly on V and W St.) would be untouched. It’s almost like the plows kept turning off at 14th instead of going East to West or West to East… Whyyyyyyy.

    • Erin

      Ugh, I live on Chapin and was hoping to come home today to clear-ish streets….

  • MPinDC

    Looks like most (?) streets in Mt Pleasant have been plowed….except mine (1600 block of Monroe). My 311 call was closed out because the job was “completed”

    • alirod

      No plowing whatsoever on our part of Mt. Pleasant (Hobart St.)

    • Ryan Paul

      1800 Block of Monroe Street, NW as of this morning wasn’t plowed and hasn’t been touched since the storm. So bad that neighbors were taking to the streets to plow it themselves with shovels…

      • MPinDC

        1800 block is now plowed :)

  • kl00t

    Question: how’s Massachusetts north of Garfield St. NW? I need to get from Woodley Park to Dulles tomorrow morning and am trying to figure out how much time to allow. Or for that matter, anyone have any idea what’s the best way to get from Woodley Park (basically the metro stop) to Dulles? Are any of the cross streets between Connecticut and Massachusetts worth it?

    I’m thinking I may need to just allow 2 hours rather than the usual 1.

    • Anon

      Since rush hour restrictions shouldn’t get in your way, I’d enter Rock Creek Parkway at Calvert. Most (read: sane) people would probably then use I-66 to the Dulles Access Road, but I don’t trust I-66 (been stuck in odd random pockets of parking lot traffic at all times of the day) so I often take Rte. 50 to NB GW Parkway. Then Chain Bridge toward Tysons and then hit the Dulles Access Road from there. It’s a lot of turns, admittedly, but the route works for me. Given the weather allowing 2 hours couldn’t hurt, as long as you have a nice bar/airline club to hang out in.

  • kl00t

    Also: L street between Connecticut and at least 16th only has 1.5 lanes, and only spotty bike lanes. 17th Street between Farragut and at least New Hampshire has 1 lane in each direction. Tomorrow will be baaaad.

  • chasscott

    No plows not at any level of plowing on the side streets between Columbia/19th and 18th Street. It’s like a flash back to Marion Barry, only now now he’s a she and called Muriel.

  • Terry

    On a side note, I’m looking for a good snow removal company. I only want to hire someone who pays a living wage, provides heath care benefits and paid time off. Does anyone know of someone who can do it? Also, I will not pay a penny over $30 for someone to clear the sidewalk on front of my house, dig my car out and clear my driveway.

  • AnonV2

    The city spent the first 48 hours or so clearing the main roads and emergency routes and is just NOW getting to the point where they can lift the snow emergency so that the major bus lines can operate at something resembling normal capacity, and they aren’t even close to being done with that yet. The curb lane on most big routes is still plowed in. Are people *actually* surprised that their low volume, residential side street has not been plowed yet? Finite resources, meet unfounded expectations. I can’t believe I’m defending DC gov’t on this one, but they’ve done a MUCH better job on this than in past storms.

    • AMDCer

      I agree – I think the response this time is much better than in the past, and I was here for ’96, ’03, and ’10/’11. I have no expectation that my block (1800 of California) is in any way a priority route.

      • figby

        Finite resources at this tax rate?

  • 12th Place

    12th Place NW – a single 1 way block has not been plowed. 311 told me it would happen in the next 24 hours. V, W, 11th and 12th are done, as as most around us. We have emailed and called.

  • Oakwood

    Oakwood Terrace in Mount Pleasant hasn’t seen one plow. But it has seen people shoveling off their cars into the street just to make matters worse…

  • Eric

    No sign of any of the color coded snow assistance for the 800 block of Otis Place NW according to the app. Where’s Jim Graham when you need him?

  • soozles

    1400 block of Webster has been plowed a few times, and the neighbors on the south side of the block all did their sidewalks. Don’t expect to get my car out anytime soon though.

  • rebeccah6691

    Swann between 17 and 16 NW has unfortunately not been plowed :(

  • EBH

    Woodley Park looks really good, but the street corners are all a huge mess. It is very difficult with a stroller to get around, but reading these posts, I am grateful our streets are sidewalks are good.

  • Nopester

    1400 of Belmont also a disaster, minus the very bottom that was actually privately plowed and the twenty feet in the middle a bunch of guys shoveled today. Just don’t try to drive the entire street. In fact, 15th street from Florida up was not plowed…now melting. Seen cars stuck every day.

  • gg

    1400 block of Corcoran – completely untouched. I understand it is a lot of snow, but by now they should at least be able to communicate to us when to expect a plow?

  • Becca

    Willard St NW is still not plowed – we’re a block down from U St NW and plows just keep passing our block.


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