• anon

    The city seems to be doing OK on plowing and salting but the biggest failure has been the refusal to institute a road travel ban as was immediately done in NYC. I live on a side street in Capitol Hill and I can’t even count the number of a**holes driving around in SUVs with Maryland plates throughout the entire storm and now afterwards, as plows and salt trucks are trying to get through.

  • Neighbor

    This just shows open 311 requests. Please got tell me bowser isn’t basing the snow removal strategy on 311 requests. All I see on this map is about 40 pins in front of the house if someone who I know complains a lot around the corner.
    Did anyone see NYC’s map? Now that’s useful.

    • jcm

      You’re looking at the wrong map. The one he linked is gps locations of plows and salt trucks.

      • FridayGirl

        +1. BUT the other problem with this map is that you really have to look at the dates, not just the pins. I noticed all the pins near my apartment were from salting/plowing on FRIDAY. And there haven’t been any since. So it’s not really a good indicator of last night and today’s cleanup efforts without looking closely.

    • ShawMG

      Neighbor – you need to zoom in further (it has to be pretty tight) and then hit start under step two to see the actions the city has taken (salt, plow, plow&salt, etc) 🙂

  • PetworthPowder

    There’s also a difference between a street being plowed and a street being cleared of snow. A plow came down our side street at some point during the storm. So, has it been plowed? Yes. Could a car get thru? No. One pass with a plow during the peak of the storm is utterly useless. But knowing how Bowser likes to interpret facts, it might be necessary for someone to point this out to her and her team.

  • Niagara

    IMO the City does a very poor job of clearing my street every time it snows. They never learn better processes and/or techniques. They plow maybe 1 time then no more until we complain. There is as much snow in the street as there is on my lawn. I’m so annoyed with the incompetence.

    • JohnH

      I don’t know if it’s that they don’t “learn” anything – they just have very limited equipment for the amount of streets they are responsible for. I live on a snow emergency route and its still covered in snow.

  • Sheed

    According to the map, Eckington has been completely plowed. That is simply not the case at all. Most streets are not plowed at all.

    • Reality

      +1 !!!

  • nc3


  • Anonymous

    I have to consider this map useless. My street was plowed 4 times on Friday night and once Sunday morning. This map shows nothing: no plow, no salt, nothing.


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