Sidewalks of Shame Vol. Two

by Prince Of Petworth January 26, 2016 at 3:00 pm 34 Comments


Ed. Note: Lots of nominees are starting to roll in so starting tomorrow I’ll post multiple nominees.

A reader nominates:

“1841 Columbia Rd. NW is a large apartment building with some well-traveled sidewalks, but only the good tenants at Lapis had the decency to shovel their area as of 1pm Monday. They should be ashamed, both residents and neighbors get to navigate fully un-shoveled slippery ice paths!”



  • Caroline

    I wish the sidewalks in Crystal City looked this good!

    • Anon

      Really? I live near and the sidewalks and roads here are pretty good, all things considered. Far better than in the city.

      • Caroline

        Maybe the residential parts are good. I walked from the metro to 27th this morning and had to walk in the street the whole way. A lot of the sidewalks were filled with snow piled taller than I am! Far worse than the city.

        • soozles

          Really? I work across the street from the CC Metro and it looks good at least to 20th. OK, that’s not that far….

  • HaileUnlikely

    I don’t expect to be able to use my regular bus stop (on the southbound side of 16th St NW, north of Walter Reed Hospital) for probably a couple weeks. That whole stretch is typically not only uncleared but has all of the snow from the road plowed onto it.

    • JohnH

      A couple weeks? Take a look at the weather. It’s 50 today and if it legit rains tonight, a lot of it could be gone by tomorrow morning. We’ll be getting more than above freezing every day for the next 10 days. The only snow that will be there in 2 weeks will be any new snow we get.

      • HaileUnlikely

        We shall see. In any case event, my point is that it is not only not cleared, but is piled about 4 feet high right now. After Snowmageddon, I walked to a different bus line for at least two weeks, because it remained as described above for at least two weeks, possibly longer.

    • neighbor

      The sidewalks of 16th street are shameful. It’s especially bad since so many people take the S bus and are forced to walk in the street. And made worse by the idiot drivers who continue to speed by at 35mph even as they are inches from people walking.

  • anon

    i wonder if the snow in front of lapis could have just melted from the [wmata?] ventilation grates?

    • OP

      Definitely helped, but the picture should have had a wider frame, their whole section was good. I also noticed that by 5pm Monday, a small path was made to connect their cleared area with the rest of Columbia, likely by the Lapis folks for their patrons. Shame they didn’t get any support from their landlord (UIP). It’s not that tough to shovel on a Sunday after a blizzard (for an on-call maintenance tech nearby) or at least Monday morning!

      • JCo

        The owners of Lapis shoveled out in front of their establishment. UIP does nothing beyond the legal/regulatory requirements for the tenants of this building, if they choose to even fulfill those basic obligations, seeing as how 1841 Columbia Road NW has been without heat and water intermittently for several days over the last week or two. My advice as a former tenant: don’t rent here!

  • anon

    Those buildings usually hire someone and unfortunately during this storm, I have learned the people you hire and PAY still can be very unreliable. At my building, we had to remind the company hired 4 times (to come out a total of 3 times) of where they had to shovel. Each time they only did a small portion of the walks.

  • bruno

    I nominate the Exxon station condos in Adams Morgan at Calvert and Lanier.
    Glitzy building, totally surrounded in ice and snow. At least, that’s how it was Sunday.

    • The OP Anon

      It’s still a mess as of two hours ago when I tried to jog through there. Is that building even occupied yet? Philz seems to be perpetually stalled.

  • d

    The St. Augustine church at 15th and V shamefully only shoveled a pathway from the street to its door for parishioners arriving by car. Love thy neighbor? Nah, screw thy neighbor.

    • bruno

      Why not heed the lesson and offer to shovel the snow for them?

    • d

      Well, first of all, I’m not a neighbor, just a passerby from another neighborhood. Second, they should take some of their untaxed tithing revenues and pay some neighborhood kids to shovel if they’re not able to do it themselves. I saw several sidewalks that were not fully shoveled, ie: maybe shoveled once or twice before the storm ended, but this was once of the few sidewalks where no attempt whatsoever was made to shovel as of Monday evening. Btw, I did shovel my neighbors walk on either side of me, so I do love my neighbor and appreciate when others do as well!

      • bruno

        You should offer to help them.

        • AG

          Why exactly? This is a private entity which benefits from tax exempt status and with a sizable amount of parishioners who should be willing to help their own church, if not the employees themselves. This isn’t a case of someone not being able to help, it’s a case of being too irresponsible to do so.

          • textdoc


        • d

          Well I rang the doorbell but they were busy praying the snow away.

  • neighbor

    Most of Petworth is now clear. Pizza Hut at 9th and Upshur are terrible terrible offenders.

  • Anonymous-est

    Disappointed in Bowser that she’s not enforcing fines for homeowners who don’t shovel their walk (only businesses). Some of the biggest offenders are homes, which is making walking treacherous.

    • UDPie

      How about the embassies? In my neighborhood, they’re the worst offenders. Had to help an elderly gentleman three blocks due to slippy, treacherous, unshoveled walks in front of many embassies. I know the Diplomat license plates give them immunity but what about fines for shoveling? Are they immune to that too?

      • Anonymous-est

        Oh yes, they are awful. It a called “diplomatic immunity” and it’s a dangerous privilege. If you’re unfamiliar with it check it out – pretty interesting. I don’t know enough about the technicalities of the land in front of an embassy and who’s responsible for it, but I’m inclined to think embassies aren’t/don’t have to be held responsible bc of their immunity. If you learn more, pls post here. Thanks for helping the man navigate his walk! We are lucky to have good neighbors like you.

        • annonny

          Diplomatic Immunity doesn’t protect embassies from basic civil penalties like fines not shoveling or parking tickets, but typically they just refuse to pay. But since Bowser has decided nobody should be fined for not shoveling, what incentive is there for people to be responsible?
          Perhaps more to the point, though, they’re probably immune from liability suits, so don’t really care if someone falls and breaks their neck on the ice.

  • NotGrinchandNotScrooge

    Shout out to the 7-11 at Rhode Island and 7th NW for shoveling the parking lot clear but ignoring the sidewalks, forcing folks crossing on 7th to walk into a four lane divided roadway!

  • mike miller

    So’s Your Mom and Yes Organic were shoveled out on that block. Both kept the side walk clear during the entire storm and stayed open too.

    • jen

      +1000 – all my love to those two places. i know the owner of SYM slept in the store for two nights.

  • anon

    GWU was open today, yet all of the sidewalks outside of my GWU building were covered in icy compacted snow, completely unshoveled. (Very heavy pedestrian area on Washington Circle) For an organization that large I really think it is unacceptable.

    • FridayGirl

      GWU’s sidewalks are terrible for about a week after snow every year…. :(

  • It doesn’t affect a lot of people, but there were several rowhouses that hadn’t shoveled in north petworth today. The worst was one in which they had clearly shoveled from their steps to their car, but totally ignored the sidewalk in front of their yard. Jerks. I considered throwing a snowball at their door

    • This! There’s a particularly bad example of this in the 3900 block of Kansas Ave..in fact it’s perhaps one of the nicest houses on the block, and they did that exact thing–cleared from the front door to the parking space out front, but no sidewalks.

  • zandunga

    I grew up on Mintwood and this is clean compared to the 80’s. Did someone dare to park at the bottom of the street?


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