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The Question Many Have Been Asking – So When Will My Trash Get Picked Up?

by Prince Of Petworth January 26, 2016 at 4:00 pm 18 Comments

Photo by PoPville flickr user Joe Flood

And it is a good question – the answer from DPW:

“Due to last week’s blizzard, DPW will suspend trash collection through Wednesday, January 27th. DPW will attempt collection on Thursday, January 28 and operate on an altered schedule Thursday through the weekend. Normal trash collection is scheduled to resume on Monday, February 1.

DPW will hire private contractors to augment the work of their crews.

The full trash collection schedule is as follows:

– Monday: Service resumes next week.
– Tuesday: Service resumes next week (Twice a week routes will be addressed this Thursday or Friday).
– Wednesday: Service resumes next week.
– Thursday: Service attempts will be made.
– Friday: Service attempts will be made.
– Saturday & Sunday: Possible service attempts on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday routes.
– Monday: Regular service will resume.”

  • NWDC

    Does anyone know where you can put your trash if its normal spot is covered in snow? (My cans are in the alley, which is completely inaccessible right now.)

    • ah

      Why not bring your cans to the end of the alley?

      Or ask the neighbors closest to the end to do that, and pool trash in those cans.

    • Anonoline

      I don’t have to worry about it until Monday, but I plan on shoveling out part of the area between the sidewalk and a cleared parking space. That way the collectors can get to it easily from the street.

  • This is one of those “buck up and carry on” situations. Lack of trash pick-up is an inconvenience, not a disaster.

    • Anonoline

      Do rats hibernate in the winter? Once the cans fill up and trash bags have to be stowed outside the can I think rats would be getting into them.

      • AnonV2

        If you can is already full, double bag extra trash and put it someplace out of the way indoors until collection resumes (obviously easier said than done unless you have a basement or enclosed porch). This should really only affect people with Mon-Wed days this week; the temps should make most alleys passable by the end of the week. For godssake don’t pile it up around the f*#%ing street cans that are already overflowing and similarly inaccessible by DPW! Our corner is a mess of rat-strewn debris that won’t get cleaned up before the weekend. I mean we already have a handful of houses that use the public cans for their normal trash disposal (side bar: I never understood this, they have full sized cans out back of the house!), but add in the extra volume and it is really gross. If you have a car consider dropping by Ft Totten this Saturday, you can always drop off household bags there, too.

        • textdoc

          “the temps should make most alleys passable by the end of the week” — Yes, but my recollection from a year ago was that the alleys were passable for several days (maybe even a week?) before trash pickup resumed. Unfortunately, “alleys being passable” does not equal “trash will get picked up.”

  • chasscott

    Trash pick-up? The side streets of Adams-Morgan still haven’t been plowed. So glad Mayor Muriel BARRY has declared an end to the snow emergency. Oh, wait, maybe she will schedule yet another news conference to yammer on about what a great snow removal job they’re doing.

    • brad

      Remember, if the trash situation gets bad, you can always haul it in your vehicle to Ft. Totten. Ideally it doesn’t get to that point, but keep it in your back pocket as an option.

      • Neil

        shut up, BRAD.

      • mike miller

        OK, but only if i can use a chair to hold my parking spot i shoveled out when i go.

      • As the poster above notes, some streets haven’t even been plowed yet. Do you suggest they haul it via Metro?

  • Harry Chelm

    Chelm: “See here, purser, this ship is definitely scheduled to sail tomorrow morning.”

    Purser: “Scheduled to sail, it is true, but not, I fear, destined to do so.”

  • LedroitTigah

    What about the mail? When will that start to be delivered again?

    • Anon

      I saw our poor mail person going up and down the slippery stairs or neighbors this morning so they seem to be in service. Our street was not plowed so she went back and forth to her truck parked at the edge of the block. Still got it done though

      • LedroitTigah

        Impressive. Thanks!

  • Anon

    So if you fall under the “possibly Saturday or Sunday” umbrella, do you just leave your trash out the whole weekend and hope for the best?

  • mharding01

    And in other news, Defenders of Wildlife will be open tomorrow. We have nothing to do with picking up trash in DC but thanks for the cool picture.


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