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Our National Squash Desert Nightmare is Nearly Over

by Prince Of Petworth January 25, 2017 at 10:05 pm 17 Comments

23rd and M St, NW

Like the way the building is turning out?

For those not familiar with the project:

“EastBanc’s Square 50 development will feature a 15,500-square-foot new, state-of-the-art West End Fire Station, a 54,300-square-foot Affordable Housing building with 55 units at 60 percent AMI or less along with six market-rate residential units and a one level garage with 24 parking spaces. The Square 50 mixed-use complex will also house Squash on Fire — a revolutionary world-class, tournament-ready squash facility with eight courts and a full-service restaurant.”


  • Michael Pierce

    Ahh yes, squash on fire. Playing it that way involves liberal application of Icy Hot ahead of time.

  • Confused Squash Eater

    I’m so out of touch. I thought this title was referring to squash, the food not squash, the game.

  • eggs

    I love this headline.

    • ehdc


  • Nick

    “Squash Desert?” It’s more of a “Racquetball Desert,” much to my dismay :(

    • dcgator

      Seriously! With the demise of the Dupont Y, nowhere to play racquetball around here, that I know of. And indoor bball is less convenient for me, too.

  • Mug of Glop

    I figured the headline said “squash dessert” and thought “yeah, that sounds about right.”

  • James W.

    There has always been the Arlington YMCA squash courts for $10 an hour.

  • Rich

    Really ugly. It would make more sense on a plaza with some greenery. It looks like a 1960s building from Amsterdam or Berlin, except it probably would be better sited there.

    • Michael Pierce

      In other words, it fits in perfectly.

    • asg

      How exactly would they put a plaza with greenery on the same small site as a fire station? And what would be the point when there’s a large park literally around the corner? This building won’t win any awards but I think it’s a nice change from what we normally see these days. Having residential, commercial, and a city facility on one lot is also a good use of limited space.

      • Anon

        You missed the point completely. I agree with the OP, it seems poorly sited here.

  • Blithe

    I, too, read this as “squash dessert nightmare”. Multiple times. I definitely prefer sweet potato pie to pumpkin, so I drifted off to sleep last night quite happily relieved that the contretemps is nearly over, and that my side clearly won.

  • Anonymouse

    Hopefully they do something — anything — to that giant blank wall on the side. Sad!

  • nw_dc_1988

    +1 for the title
    +1 for the building…I like it!

  • navyard

    So, 61 units total and 90% of them are Affordable housing for people who make less that 60% of the AGI?

    So only 10% of the units will be paying market rate? I’m going to just say that market rate in that building is going to be well below market rate on the block. The ratios just don’t sound right. Can anyone check on this?

  • JayDC

    The building is awful. Just awful. I thought it was in some eastern bloc country at first.


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