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Thanks to Jess for sending the “Vigilante sidewalk repair” update:

“Update to the Update: He’s back at it this morning! It appears that a city official ordered him to leave, so Kurt (his name is Kurt) is sweeping up the mess & packing up his stuff.”

WJLA reported last night:

“Madsen says, “Why am I here? Because this is unsafe.” Read More


“Dear PoPville,

Tuesday at the bus stop at H & 6th NW.

FBI, GAO, and “wet floor” cones.


Working in the street with a single cone for protection from traffic.

A police officer came and explained that it’s city property, not safe, etc. and he left/was removed.

Thursday (today): Read More


Matthew Shannon-Browne

Yesterday we learned that “an individual involved in two First Degree Sexual Abuse and three Burglary One offenses” in Mount Pleasant had been arrested thanks to “A witness heard the victim’s scream and saw the suspect fleeing from the residence. The witness followed the suspect.”

That witness is Matthew Shannon-Browne. And make no mistake, the assailant would not have been caught without his selfless quick actions. I happen to know Matthew and had the opportunity to speak with him today. I learned that he chased the suspect for blocks and blocks through alleys over fences into the woods and back out again for at least 10 minutes before police arrived. The assailant told him he had a gun, threw a brick at him and despite all that Mathew never stopped his pursuit. He heard the screams from his home and made that split second decision to help. “My mother or daughter could be next if he gets away.”

Props certainly go out to the other civilians who helped, and ultimately the police who made the arrest, but without Mathew’s initial bravery this likely would have ended very differently. It’s a miracle no civilians got hurt during this chase. As a result of a few people’s actions so many can now breathe a sigh of relief. The sequence of events that went down before this guy was caught are simply extraordinary. So, I’m saying it anyway, Matthew Shannon-Browne is a straight up hero and Mount Pleasant and the District of Columbia are lucky to call him a neighbor and resident.

If you see him, buy him a beer. From now until forever. Also please read every word of his statement below. His actions were, again, extraordinary but I’d like to emphasize his last sentence: “I hope we can all take time to smile at one another, help one another and be there when others are in need.”

Statement from Matthew Shannon-Browne:

I’m not a hero, I’m a neighbor. If we all allow ourselves to see our neighbors as our family, our sisters, our brothers, our mothers and our fathers we don’t need to protect ourselves with guns or the unnecessary use of deadly force.

The District is my home. I was raised in Mt. Pleasant and see it as an extension of my family. I live beside four households that were attacked by this man. People have been traumatized by his actions, and when I heard my neighbors scream for help and saw him fleeing their house, I instinctually knew I couldn’t allow him to get away. I instinctually knew that if I took my eyes off him he would return to hurt someone else. Maybe next time it would be my daughter, maybe my mother. I knew it wasn’t “The safe thing to do” but I knew deep down in my gut that I needed to help the police stop him. As I confronted the assailant in the alley I called 911 and began to chase him so that the police knew where exactly they could find him. Read More


Thanks to Stephanie Coleman for sharing this instant classic from Rhode Island Ave, NE yesterday. Following on the heels of our hero riding on top of a couple cases of beer comes this legend. I get it. Sometimes you’ve had a long day but still gotta scoot home. Respect!! Now, keep in mind these folks are professionals, please don’t try this at home.



Thanks to Katie for sharing:

“Warning: this is a POSITIVE “does anyone recognize this guy?” Doorbell camera post. Typically posted videos from Ring cameras are about package thefts, break ins, people juggling car doors on the street to see what’s open…and our neighborhood list serv is always littered with these this time of year. But this morning I saw an alert while I was as setting up my 6am class at Off Road DC – I clicked over and thought it was a little weird for a delivery that early, but figured maybe someone got my mail or whatever. Turns out: I was in a huge rush this am and didn’t zip my bag. My wallet fell out in the middle of the road. This guy was nice enough to stop his van, clearly checked the address on the ID and returned it under our mat. Anyone who lives in DC knows this is pretty much unheard of- you drop a wallet, you lose a wallet, and you usually lose everything in your accounts if you’re not quick, too. Counting my blessings today- im damn lucky. Random Dallas fan in the plaid with the white van: thank you. You’re what’s right in the world.

Should you spot a quiet act of heroism please send an email with a brief description and the neighborhood where it was witnessed to [email protected]


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