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“Dear PoPville,

I just saw an article on NPR about an alternative to allergy shots called sublingual immunotherapy, or SLIT, that you take at home as a tablet, instead of getting allergy shots in an office.

Apparently it has been around a few years and is effective. That said, I am having a hard time finding a DC/MD area practice that offers this in lieu of allergy shots and will let you do it from home (the one area website I found discussing this referenced taking the tablets in their office). Given the main benefit would be avoiding weekly visits to the allergist, I was hoping someone knows a practice that lets you take the tablets at home and could provide a good recommendation!

Bonus points for the practice being in network with BlueCross.”


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“Dear PoPville,

I am currently a chemotherapy patient for nine weeks and am very concerned in the ability for DC Health to process my application for medicinal marijuana in Washington, DC. It has already been 10 days of treatment. I have already sent in the money order and my doctor has approved my application.

Does anyone have any tips of if going to DC Health or a specific phone number to actually get in touch with someone is possible?

Any tips of the process greatly appreciated.”


“Dear PoPville,

I’ve been running into issues CVS, they’ve been very backlogged (~3 weeks) on my medication, and by the time they can get to it, my prescription has already “expired” due to the DC laws, even though they were aware of it and I submitted it with plenty of time. Naturally this has caused some frustration, and while I understand DC laws, I want to make a switch. Does anyone have suggestions for mom and pop pharmacies? I used to use them in my old city and want to make the switch.”


14th and Monroe Street, NW

Update from ANC Christine Miller:

“Some have asked about work happening at 14th & Monroe. Sorry to disappoint, but there won’t be a resurrection of TGIF. Alterations & repair are for Children’s National Primary Care. Now I can just run my
kids down the block the next time one breaks!”

Thanks to Paul for sending:

“Maybe this means movement of some kind? TGIFridays back from the dead?”

TGIFriday’s last D.C. location closed in Foggy Bottom back in October.

Ah the prospect of TGIF in Columbia Heights… Read More


To say folks were bummed about the One Medical CareFirst split would be a slight understatement. Folks were furious. Perhaps there is some light. A reader writes her benefits rep:

“Can you please confirm for me that One Medical WILL be in-network for CareFirst, and the date that will be effective?”

The replied:

“It’s my understanding, the contract with One Medical begins on January 1.”

And it’s official:


Thanks to a reader for sending this “CareFirst Statement on One Medical Group”:

“In September, One Medical Group (One Medical) notified CareFirst of its intention to terminate its agreement as a CareFirst participating provider effective December 18, 2017 if no agreement could be reached by CareFirst and One Medical on future reimbursements. Unfortunately, an agreement has not been reached and One Medical will no longer be a participating provider as of December 18.

CareFirst members who have selected One Medical as their primary care provider or who have utilized One Medical services will receive additional information in the mail. If you need assistance selecting an in-network primary care provider or have questions about an ongoing course of care you or a family member are currently receiving through a One Medical provider, call the Member Service telephone number listed on your ID card.”


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