SUNdeVICH Sandwich Shop Opens at Noon in Shaw near Convention Center

by Prince Of Petworth July 22, 2011 at 10:30 am 54 Comments

Photo courtesy of SUNdeVICH

Great news to end the week. The long anticipated gourmet sandwich shop from some of the folks behind Seasonal Pantry is opening at noon today. It is located around the corner from Seasonal Pantry in the alley off 9th Street behind 1314 9th St, NW.

Their Web site says:

A non-traditional space lends itself to a non-traditional sandwich shop. Most sandwich shops in the city have a flavor profile that carries through their entire product line. Whether it be Italian, Jewish, or Middle Eastern influenced, many menu items taste similar to one another which can get a little boring. At SUNdeVICH we wanted to address this fact by using the world as our flavor guide and our immediate backyard for our ingredients. SUNdeVICH offers a wide range of flavors, textures and combinations that may seem familiar but have a distinct twist.

The objective is to provide a wide range of bold flavors by using fresh and local ingredients. Ideally people can eat at SUNdeVICH multiple times a week; and have a completely different dining experience each time.

You can see their menu here and in PDF below:


Enter through the alley off 9th St by the Lamont Bishop gallery.

  • Kev29

    Hey do you guys want to go to this confusingly named sandwich place? It’s just down this sketchy alley. Don’t worry, this neighborhood is totally residential.

    • jch

      Hope i don’t find any questionable objects in my sandwich.

    • 8th Street SE

      Haha. :)

    • Anonymous

      not gonna matter.
      isn’t there going to be an insanely expensive restaurant back in there too?

    • crin

      It worked for Well Dressed Burito

  • Hey

    Hey Kev29, you sound like you could use a good sandwich. Bitter.

  • Sir Douchy

    Other than the fact that the name of the place is torturously odd and the alley looks like the set from “The Wire” I can’t imagine why people wouldn’t go there. I should also mention that some of the photos on their website look a little like the more unpleasant scenes in Reservoir Dogs, but I do like skirt steak in my sandwiches.

    • Anonymous

      I’m skeptical of their claim that they’ll be doing Italian, Jewish and Middle Eastern sandwiches, and doing them all well. If they succeed they’ll be the first sandwich shop in history to pull it off.

    • DoubleDouche

      Yeah, I think they’ve got about 6 strikes agains them what with their lack of sign, lack of main street presence, lack of nearby office workers, etc.

      Good luck, but I’d bet it closes in 3 months or less.

    • joe blow

      I agree that the Gallery of photos is odd. I think they were trying to show the development of the space, but the selection of photos (and lack of people doing work on the space) is sort of odd.

  • ceeps

    I am so pumped! I live a block away from this and I think it’ll add a lot to the area!

  • NotThatHot

    This alley is harmless. Used to walk through it all the time. There’s other businesses in there including Rogue 24 and the pedi-cabs…and I think there’s some random condos too. I love sandwiches.

  • Anonymous

    I will always think of The Dog Wash when eating here. Hopefully I can get over that.

    Looking forward to a competitor for Fast Gourmet!

  • Anonymous

    any word on their prices?

    • greent

      Your yearly salary.

      • saq

        that cheap huh?

    • C

      $8-$9 for a large sandwich (about 10″?)

    • MB

      Anon, I had a Beirut (skirt steak sandwich) today and it was $9. I brought half of it (if it makes it through the night) home for tomorrow’s lunch. Realy good!

  • anon

    Set sail for fail.

    • joe blow


    • Patty McMillions

      how lulzy

  • Glad they finally got open. The name cracks me up. When you hear the owner say sandwich it sounds like Sundevich. I like humor in a name.

  • Elza

    As a lover of sandwiches and sketchy alleys, I will probably like this place.

  • C

    I used to live in that building. The alley isn’t that sketchy. There is a recording studio back there and a few cute renovated coach houses. The DC Archives are also in a building in that alley just around the corner.


  • Patty McMillions

    I would try it, but I’m extremely skeptical that a baguette is the proper bookend for middle eastern, german, jamaican, etc.,-type sandwiches. It makes sense from a business standpoint, but not from a customer-eating standpoint.

    • C

      The only Jamaican-inspired sandwich I saw on the menu was the Kingston, which has jerk chicken, salsa, and spicy slaw. The menu skews heavily Mediterranean.

      • elcal

        If they could get their hands on some flying fish, I’d kill for a buttie.

    • Anonymous

      That is my concern too. It’s the bread that distinguishes a good sandwich from a mediocre one, and each region of sandwich has its own distinct bread requirement. It’s good enough to get a decent supplier for one type of bread, let alone several.

      • Anonymous

        *hard enough

  • Denizen of Tenallytown

    The hipster quotient is strong with this one. Alleyway entrance, no sign, confusing name, priceless menu, heavy on the eco vibe. Should be attractive for the pork pie hat wearing, fixed gear bike riding, moleskine notebook writing crowd that inhabits the area. Great place to stop after getting your caffeine and scenester fix over at Big Bear Cafe and taking your fixie for a ride through up-and-coming, safe-as-anywhere-else-in-DC (but be street smart!) Shaw.

    • elcal

      Really? I haven’t seen many of those kids in the area. There are a couple douchy group homes nearby. And the owners aren’t hipster at all. In the last couple of days people have been real quick to pronounce their versions of this neighborhood despite not living nearby or understanding it. First it was all about the yuppie scum who can afford Seasonal Pantry, then racist NIMBYs, and now it’s fixie hipsters and their alley sandwich shop. Which is it!?

      • C

        “Douchy group homes” — ouch.

        But other than that, well stated. I really doubt that many (if any) of the people posting the harshest commentary about the recent 9th Street stories have actually been to any of these bars or restaurants.

        • elcal

          Well, there’s really only one that qualifies for such denigration. Keggers at noon on a Sunday. I’m just bitter I wasn’t invited.

          • C

            on O St? I’ll make sure you’re invited next time ;)

          • elcal

            Ha! I’m across the street. I also live nextdoor to some kids-that-ride-bikes-but-aren’t-hipsters.

      • Anon2

        Aaaaaaaaaaaaah, my neighborhood has lost all credibility and been invaded by fixie hipsters handing out at their alley sandwich shop.

        Please call the ANC before we turn into “the next ADAMS MORGAN”!!!!!! :(

    • C

      What are you ranting about? Why do you care who eats there? Can’t we just be happy that there’s a new local business on the block? I go to Azi’s way too often and am tired of walking to Logan Circle for lunch.

      • Joesep

        Welcome to Prince of Petworth, gathering place of whiny people who have boring jobs and too much time on their hands during the day.

      • joe blow

        I agree. Haters always be hatin’

        If you don’t likt it or the people who go there, don’t go. I walk by there all the time on the way home. That alley’s not really sketchy at all… people live back there, and I’ve seen cops taking their breaks back there. I also saw Trent Lott standing at the entry to the alley talking to someone once!

        Anyway, I’ll give it a shot; if it’s good, they’ll make it. If not, they won’t. If they make it, it will encourage more people to open potentially-good places, which is a win-win for everyone.

        • Joesep

          More people’s mamas should’ve taught them that if they don’t have anything good to say, then don’t say anything at all.

    • Anonymous

      sounds good to me.

    • joe blow

      Why do you care about hipster and their fixies? I hear people complain all the time, but there’s honestly about 12 fixie hipsters in DC.

      I find that those who complain are typically bitter, balding, fat losers in dead-end gov’t jobs (i.e., not really employable in the private sector). They wish they could live a more relaxed or trust-funded life and complain about something that really doesn’t affect them at all.

      Here’s a tip: get some iced coffee, leave work early, and go watch a movie or find some other way to relax. You’ll live longer if you stop whining so much.

  • andy

    I am waiting for their archnemesis competitor SANGWEECH to open across the alley.

    • joe blow


  • hamster

    Any idea on what their hours are?

    • joe blow

      If you have to ask, you’re not cool enough to know.

      Just kidding. Try e-mailing them. They’re probably figuring it all out themselves.

    • MB

      Hamster, They said they are open from noon to 9, closed on Mondays. Ali, the very talkative owner, said they may eventually do breakfast.

  • Molly

    Wait. I just waited for a long time to see pictures of it finished. I wonder if it will smell funny. Maybe when I get my next paycheck I will go, or maybe I will go today and pretend I can afford it.

    • Golden Silence

      Why do you think it’ll smell funny?

  • Alex

    Fuck you people. If any of you had visited Grey Market, you’d know that the people who opened this place and Seasonal Pantry are talented and put their hearts into the operation. Try opening a business yourself. They’re contributing to the neighborhood; what have you done for DC lately?

  • Molly

    I am just wondering how you get the old building smell out of an old building.

    I am excited to go, I love sandwiches so bad.

  • Sully

    Doh! I knew I should have read this over the weekend. Hopefully I can get off work in time and run down there. Can’t we all just get along and eat a sammich?

  • LiveInShaw

    I live near Sundevich and agree that the area is safe as far as DC goes. I just had their Buenos Aires ($10) sandwich. Very yummy. Yes, they do need a sign on the building and maybe a sidewalk sign during the day to direct foot traffic. Hopefully this is the first of many new successful businesses in the area!

  • rmc

    I stopped by last weekend, and was not disappointed. The sandwiches I got (Kingston and Capri) were $9 each, but the quality of the ingredients and the size totally justified that price tag. I did not like the potato salad, but it’s because I prefer such things a bit more down-homey, and this is not exactly a comfort-food kind of place. Also, service was a bit slow for a sandwich spot with not a lot of seating–but this was literally day 2 of them being open, so I’m giving the benefit of the doubt on that. Last thing I’ll say: I love that it’s open until 9. I live basically a block away from it, and nothing in the direct vicinity is open that late.I can totally see grabbing a sandwich for dinner, and saving half for lunch the next day on a regular basis.


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