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624 T Street, NW

Now I’m not one who gets easily excited by new… ok, just kidding, I get very excited about new openings all the time. Having said that Right Proper is the real freaking deal. I believe this has the potential to be the coolest thing to come to Shaw since Duke Ellington used to hang out here. And I’ll be honest, I meet a lot of nice people opening places. A few are a bit douchey but the vast majority are extremely nice. The guys behind Right Proper are the nicest of the nice. It’s hard to explain, and you’ll get it immediately when you meet them, but they just have a genuineness and kindness without pretense that makes you want to root for them. And the fact that this is a brew pub makes me want to root for them even more. Fortunately as you’ll soon see from the photos – they don’t need my rooting – this place is already awesome and it’s opening December 10th (if all goes according to plan, knock wood, knock wood.)

We will revisit when all is cleaned up but this will give you a taste of the space. There is room for 155. When you walk in you’ll see a small bar, another small bar then in the back a large bar with a view into the brewing area. The back will also have proper tables. There will be 6 right proper brews and two guest taps that will rotate. And you can buy beer to go! And murals. And awesome details. Well have a look:

brew pub bar

Lots more photos after the jump.

front bar facing front, at very front you can buy beer to go in growlers


front bar facing back

oldest remaining wall from 1910, Originally a pool hall where Duke Ellington used to sneak into and play Jazz

murals in progress from Patrick Owens who used to do the awesome chalkboard art for Bourbon.

a taste of more details to come

future badass table

where the magic happens

behind the scenes cold room

apple brandy barrel for some future brews




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