“Dear PoPville,

Last Saturday, 2/5/22, my brother was packing his car to leave the Washington Plaza Hotel (10 Thomas Circle, NW) with our family cat. Somehow, Louie jumped out of the car in the hotel garage and could not be found. Luckily the garage is heated and enclosed so we think he may still be in that area but would have ventured out for food. My brother spent several hours trying to find him but ultimately had to make the tough decision to leave as he is a travel nurse and had to get to Portland, Maine for a new assignment. Read More


“Last seen on the 400 block of Kenyon NW in Park View on Saturday 11/16, but is a bit of a wanderer. Medium/Large. No collar. Very friendly.

May have been seen as far north as the 700 block of Rock Creek Church Road.

Please call Rebecca at 850-590-7407 if you have any information.”



“Lost Cat Please Help- Rock Creek Church Rd NW

We live on Rock Creek Church Road NW right near the intersection with Georgia Ave (near the metro). He got out around 7:15, and got spooked so he bolted. He is a gray cat with black stripes. The undersides of his back paws are black and his left ear is clipped. His name is Woodrow, but like most cats, he doesn’t really respond to his name. He’s exceptionally friendly, but we imagine he’s very scared right now (and wet), so he’ll likely be hidden somewhere small and dry. He’s likely very skittish, so if anyone finds him they can contact us at [email protected]. He’s also chipped, so people can also call the Humane Society at 202-576-6664. They’ll give directions to make sure he gets to them, and then back to us.”

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Found Dog – Found Cat


“I found a dog today on the corner of Ninth and Emerson NW who ended up following me home. He doesn’t have any owner information but did have a rabies vaccination tag. I called the Washington Area Rescue League but they can’t find his tag number in their system. Just wanted to see if anyone was missing their dog? He seems really sweet and is just sitting by the door at my house quietly.

Owner can contact me at 917-204-7762 or [email protected]


“This adorable cat was hanging around my kids’s school this morning and following folks around. The school is at 1800 Perry Street NE, but he was first seen on further east on the other side of South Dakota Avenue. The cat doesn’t have a collar but is clearly a well cared for cat. The school’s crossing guard said she would try to bring the cat to the shelter when she finishes her shift.”


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