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From GoFundMe:

“I adopted Phineas from the Animal Welfare League of Arlington in March of 2020 during COVID. I had an appointment on Tuesday, 11/17 @ 8:30 am at Atlas Vet for him to get bloodwork done, as he was supposed to have teeth pulled/cleaned on 11/30. As we arrived, I called to check in and picked up the carrier to put him on my lap. I looked into the carrier to see him rolling over with his eyes completely open and he was non-responsive. I started screaming and the amazing vets ran out and sprinted inside with him. They did CPR and intubated and were thankfully able to bring him back. Once he was brought back, he was acting very strange neurologically.

When he was stable, I transferred him to Friendship Animal Hospital. It ended up being that Phineas had a massive seizure that stopped his heart. They had to do many tests and treat him overnight to get him to a place where he could come home. He lost his vision due to the seizure, but they anticipate it may come back. Unfortunately, two days ago I had to bring him back to the emergency vet because he had not peed in 18 hours. He has been diagnosed with Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disease (FLUTD) due to the stress that he has been under.

Phineas is now on seizure medication every 8 hours and he is currently on a muscle relaxer and pain reliever to help his urinary tract to get back to normal. He will be on the seizure mediation for life. I am scared that he will have another seizure or urinary blockage and I won’t be able to afford care again. I will need to continue to pay monthly for the seizure medication, will bring him back for a follow up on December 22, and he will need continuous care to avoid another life threatening seizure or urinary blockage. So far, his vet bills have totaled $4,795.75.

I love Phineas so much and I would do anything for him. Any amount would greatly help him to continue to get the care that he needs. Thank you so much for your consideration.”

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