Anyone Know What’s Up with Bravo Bar?

2917 Georgia Avenue, NW

“Dear PoPville,

The couches and the “$7 PBR tall boy, shot of Jim Beam and hot dog” sign at Bravo Bar are gone. Are they closing for good?”

Bravo Bar first opened, as Bravo Lounge, back in Dec. 2013 and rose to, local fame, with “a shot, beer and hot dog for $6”.

Ed. Note: The number on their Facebook page is no longer in working order.

A reader reports: “It’s right by me. Last time I talked to Mike he said it’s closed for the foreseeable future.”

Another reader reports: “Friend of Mike and Bravo here. He said he was closing it for the meantime, especially with winter meaning he can’t use the patio as easily. Important to note that Mike actually owns the property and lives upstairs, so there’s a better chance than most that Bravo will be back…

Updates when available.

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