“a shot, beer and hot dog for $6” at Bravo Lounge

by Prince Of Petworth January 15, 2014 at 4:00 pm 16 Comments

2917 Georgia Avenue, NW

“Dear PoPville,

After wandering in, this place is better on the inside than outside. Happy hour specials (until 9pm) are amazing at buy one get one and even a shot, beer and hot dog for $6. While they are still updating on the exterior, the interior is well renovated with original tin ceilings and actually nice bathrooms.

It would be great for a place like this to do well in this neighborhood.

Yay Bravo Lounge on Georgia!”

  • That’s a hard price to beat. Any indication what the shot and beer are?

    • ledroittiger

      Rail and rail? At those prices (and that kind of deal), who cares? I’d be more concerned about where the hot dogs are coming from.

      • jim_ed

        Exactly. at $6 for a full meal, you don’t ask questions like the provenance of your hooch. I hope it’s a can of Stroh’s and a shot of Velicoff.

        • + 1 for “provenance!”

        • Sorry, I always ask those questions. It’s a habit.

      • Anonymous

        pink slime.

    • jcm

      Don’t quote me, but I believe it was either Stroh’s or Schlitz and Beam. They also have (or had when I was there) buy one get one beers at happy hour. I paid $6 for two pints of Devil’s Backbone Vienna Lager.

    • Anonymous

      Nothing artisinal, hand crafted, or locally sourced.
      Unless you consider CostCo hot dogs to be local.

    • Anonymous

      went this past Friday and it was a PBR bottle and Jim Beam

      • Pat

        You could do a lot worse than Jim Beam.

  • Anonymous

    This reminds me of the old Radius “$5 Pint and Slice” special – which was clearly not sustainable. I would be scared of what type of bathtub gin they are serving as a shot for that price.

  • Hilltopper

    This place is around the corner from me and it’s been really cool so far–great bartenders, cool early 80s new wave, reggae, and punk music, and great wings. Happy hour lasts til 9. And the owner plans to start displaying works by local artists. Fingers crossed!

    • Pat

      I like that they play a pretty diverse selection of music, too. A few nights ago, it was a bit of modern country, which is hard to find in this part of DC.

      • Anonymous

        Oh no, points off

  • i have high hopes for this place – they’re right around the corner from me. I stopped by a few weeks ago to check it out – i think there’s a lot of potential here, but I think the could do a lot more with the interior decor, as it stands now. The owner told me he’d like it to be a neighborhoody bar, and the pricing is certainly conduicive, but right now, the interior strikes me as kind of college-bar-esque, with few tables, and bare walls, and while the deals are good, right now, its not quite cozy enough that i’d leave home to go hang out here. i’d love if he took a note from Mothership, for instance, and made it just a bit nicer inside – i’m not talking major upscaling, but, say, some couches, maybe some tables that would encourage hanging out, etc…

  • Anonymous

    It’s a good thing that bars come in like this encouraging price competition. Other bars on Georgia Ave like Looking Glass and DC Reynolds are getting pretty expensive, even for domestically produced beers. I don’t eat hot dogs or rail liquor, but I hope bars moving in with lower pricing will drive current prices down.

    I’m a little discouraged by the high prices for DC Brau, especially here in DC, a six pack of cans is selling for 13$… This is kind of hard to understand when most imported beers cost 9$ or less for a 6 pack, even from micro breweries.


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