Washington, DC

via google maps

From MPD:

“Last night, members of the Fifth District Crime Suppression Team (CST) responded to a call for the sound of gunshots in the area 16th Street, NE and E Street, NE. Responding CST officers observed three individuals walking in the area, one of whom was displaying characteristics of armed gunmen.

The group was stopped, and CST officers found the individual suspected of carrying a weapon to be armed with a 9mm Glock 17 handgun, and they were placed under arrest. A short time later, a gunshot victim was dropped off at an area hospital after reportedly sustaining injuries in the area where gunshots were heard. This crime is being actively investigated by Fifth District detectives, and anyone with information is encouraged to call 202-727-9099, or text the information to 5-0-4-1-1.”


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