Washington, DC

A reader writes:

“To the bicyclist who got shoved by a driver at 11th and Florida NW this morning — I saw the whole thing and can provide a statement if you want to report it.

The bicyclist was heading south on 11th and merged over well before reaching the light so he could turn left on Florida. A driver in a light blue sedan, evidently fed up that the bicyclist was taking up the road, sped up behind him and started honking, even though they were approaching a red light at 11th and Florida.

As he waited at the light, the bicyclist turned around and said “what’s your problem? I’m turning left.”

The driver got out of his car, charged at the bicyclist and pushed him over. I told the driver I was going to call the police. He said “good!” and sped off.

The bicyclist got back on his bike and kept going, so I didn’t get his name or contact info. But I got a good look at the driver and took down his license plate number. There were plenty of other witnesses, too.

Hope everyone was okay. Scary to see what can happen when an entitled driver is mildly inconvenienced.”


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