Washington, DC

79 Potomac Ave, SE

I guess they missed mid-March but they are super close. As for the mural:

I’m told it’s going to be Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis. Not quite as a big as Elizabeth Taylor in Shaw but looking forward to seeing the final work.

Also their website says:

“Lending to the cultural roots of both owners, the space features interesting, thought provoking, and whimsical art pieces focusing upon the relationship of the United States and the former Soviet Union in the early 60’s. The centerpiece of the collection is a towering interior mural of President John Fitzgerald Kennedy by the San Francisco based, Russian dissident artist, Igor Ponochevnyi.

JFK was chosen as a subject for a reason: his presidency, albeit cut short, marked a pivotal point in relations between the United States and the USSR. Most importantly, JFK believed in hope and opportunity for all, which still rings true today.”

Stay tuned for an exact opening date which should be very soon.


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