Washington, DC

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From MPD last night:

“Earlier this evening, members of the Third District mountain bike unit were patrolling in the 2900-3000 blocks of 11th Street NW in response to the recent incidents involving gunshots. As the officers approached a group of individuals, all 3 fled on foot. After short foot pursuits, Officers were able to apprehend all 3 (2 juvenile males and 1 adult male). Each of the 3 subjects were in possession of illegal handguns and were placed under arrest.

As a result of the work of these Third District officers, 3 illegal handguns were taken off the streets and 3 subjects were arrested. We will continue our efforts to remove these illegal firearms from our streets, especially in an area that has seen too many recent incidents of violent crime.”

Another reader reports:

“I noticed a significant uptick in patrols around the Mt. Pleasant and Columbia Heights region – police cars with white lights shining instead of the usual blue and red, patrols going up and down 11th and 14th, a squad car in nearly every other alley. (I figure it is a response to the recent shootings but I may be wrong and if you hear anything let me know). I just wanted to pass along the information that there has been a significant uptick in police patrols and hopefully this reflects a greater effort by MPD in making our neighborhood safer and not just a onetime response (or worse a manhunt which was my first thought).”


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