Washington, DC

Sisyphys (1548-49) by Titian, Prado Museum, Madrid, Spain via wikipedia

This morning a resident wrote on the MPD3D listserv:

“Prostitution on 12th Street NW between Massachusetts and N Street is getting completely out of control. Yesterday, I counted four prostitutes in the area while walking to work and today there were five. It is a real eye opener to see residents walking their dogs or taking their kids to school while maneuvering around hookers, pimps and vehicles pulling over to negotiate, while the whole area reeks of marijuana. When people complain, there is a noticeable police presence in the area, so they move one street over for a night or two. This problem obviously is not going to go away on its own or with what is currently being done by the police, in fact it has gotten much worse over the last few months. Please address this problem with more resources and/or a different strategy as it is decreasing the quality of life and endangering residents in this area.”

MPD replied:

“Last night/early this morning, members of the Third District Crime Suppression Team and the Narcotics and Special Investigations Division conducted a prostitution enforcement operation in the PSA 307 area. 4 males were arrested for prostitution related offenses.

We have been conducting these operations on a regular basis in the area as a result of community complaints as well as patrol officer observations of the activity. In 2018, we made over 111 arrests for prostitution related offenses during these operations. The overwhelming majority of the arrests (62) were made in the 1100 block of 12th Street NW.

We will continue to conduct these operations as we address this illegal activity.”


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