Washington, DC

“Dear PoPville,

I’m pretty upset about DDOT cutting down a big and healthy tree at 14th & P street yesterday. No notice to homeowners were given except that they did leave a notice on the door regarding upcoming work on the alley that will prevent trash pickup. I am thinking taking the down the tree might be related to the enhancements project you mentioned last week but its hard to say because DDOT has not reached out to us about that project. Our front door into our building is on 14th street and about 7 feet from the tree. Our building property manager has said that they have not heard from DC or DDOT either. This is very troubling that there has not been any outreach to homeowners (cannot say if they have reached out to businesses or not). I am attaching what the tree looked like during 2017 pride parade (below) and the aftermath (above) we came home to yesterday afternoon. Any thoughts?”


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