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Oxfam Launches Famine Food Truck to bring attention to “reckless cuts to international aid will have consequences in the real world.”

by Prince Of Petworth May 23, 2017 at 11:00 am 3 Comments

Parked in Petworth. Photo by Ben Grossman-Cohen/Oxfam

From Oxfam:

“Oxfam’s Famine Food Truck is taking to the streets of Washington to raise awareness of the dire situation and to inspire action. Congress took an important step this month approving $990 million in emergency funding for famine relief, which will provide immediate relief for the next few months. Unfortunately though, famines don’t end with our fiscal years, and President Trump has proposed a budget for next year that would drastically cut both humanitarian and development assistance.

The proposed cuts would significantly hamper poverty-fighting programs around the world. From global health programs that fight HIV and malaria and provide maternal health services, to programs that help ensure girls can go to school and food security programs that can help prevent future famines. Elimination of these programs will hit the poorest and most vulnerable the hardest, sacrificing recent global progress and US global leadership in the process.

We’re asking Congress to reject the administration’s draconian cuts by protecting the international affairs budget. Join us by calling your representative and ask them to fully fund the international affairs budget at $60 billion. Millions of lives and American values are at stake.

Text FAMINE TRUCK to 97779 to be connected to your Member of Congress now!

  • Truxton Thomas

    Hey this was in the alley behind my building when I walked in this morning. How about that.

  • amex international

    actually if this were an accurate representation of foreign aid, it would drive around to other food trucks and give out food for free, undercutting other producers until they stop providing food. meanwhile they would still seek funding for their operations in the name of help people.

    • VISA International

      Actually if this were an accurate representation of foreign aid, it would use market-driven responses to provide the appropriate modality based on the context of a particular food truck famine. An example might be, driving the food truck to a rural community that has no access to food trucks and giving them food for free, along with financing to purchase trucks and cooking lessons so that they can make their own food trucks. In a city where there are many food trucks, they might give out food truck vouchers or electronic payments for vulnerable people to purchase from their preferred food truck vendor. Meanwhile they would still seek funding for their operations because over 20 million people worldwide are currently experiencing or on the brink of famine.


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