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“NYC’s Best Brazilian Hair Extensions is Coming to DC!”

by Prince Of Petworth May 23, 2017 at 10:30 am 9 Comments

737 8th Street, SE

The Vanity Box’s website says:


Don’t worry it has nothing to do with cherries. Our virgin human hair has never been harshly processed and is chemical free. We firmly believe hair should be durable and versatile. Like a brand new handbag. But much sexier.”

Also did I mention Handsome Cock is becoming Vivid Lounge?

The Vanity Box will be coming right next door to the former Zest Bistro and future Sushi Hachi space:

  • PetlessInPetworth

    This copy is ABSURD. Prefer hair treatments without gross virginity jokes, thanks.

  • wdc

    Some human hair is voluntarily sold, and sometimes at a decent price. Often it’s donated in religious ceremonies.
    But there’s also the human hair that is shaved off of prisoners and slum children and patients in mental institutions. And then sold to rich westerners at The Vanity Box. Nauseating.

  • womp

    WOW. i missed the gross virginity joke because i was too busy contemplating how they get enough “virgin human hair” to build a business based on its sales. then i read wdc’s comment. i really can’t find the words to describe how appalled i feel about every part of this business.

  • ET

    oh joy. not.

    Not sure how successful a business like this will be because I honestly have absolutely no idea what the market for this type of business actually is.

    • Gumball

      LOL huge market actually. The wording in the copy is definitely absurd and wdc’s points above are valid, but you (we, most people, generally speaking here) probably walked by at least 50 “Brazilian bundles” in the past week and didn’t even know it. That number can go lower or higher depending on… several things. LOL For example, if you frequent clubs/lounges half the heads there may have partial or full sew ins.

    • JohnH

      Hair extensions seem to be popular. I found out my co-worker had them on when one fell out during a business trip.
      DC is not really the “cosmetic” capital of the world though (not too many fake boobs strolling down the streets…have to venture into Arlington for that). But I would guess hair extensions are still relatively popular.

  • topscallop

    *eyeroll*. More importantly, when is the sushi place opening? The sign on the window says the protest date (for the liquor license I think?) is in July.

  • SWChick

    Virgin Hair refers to human hair extensions the have not been chemically treated. (Basically the hair straight off the head and usually sewn on a weft) They last a very long time (1+ years) and are very expensive. There is a HUGE market for virgin human hair.

  • Carey

    “I went in and asked for a Brazilian, but instead of a wax job down there, they gave me extensions!”


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