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  • anon

    Make a mermaid your friend?
    Don’t get what he was going for.

    • U streeter

      …ica great again

      • What’s an ica?
        This is confusing.

    • J

      Thank you. This made me smile.

  • madmonk28

    He realized he left his hat at home and didn’t know how to spell it.

    • ha!

      You win! :)

    • wdc


    • AMDCer


  • anon

    In DC–this was likely going to be something like make America inclusive again

  • Mike

    Or her

  • Anonymous

    Make Amer Diab popular again?
    I still think his music is ok, but I wouldn’t go spray paint that around.

    • Ernie

      We need more Amr Diab! The more habibis in our lives, the better we will all be.

  • MadMax

    In Logan Circle? Probably Make America’s Plates Big Again.

  • Ross


    • jim_ed

      +1. You just don’t get enough quality merkin jokes these days.

  • jenster8dc


  • jim_ed

    (seriously, the eliminator owned).

    • Truxton Thomas

      Nice! As a kid, I attended an exhibition in my hometown of Columbia, Mo. Gearing up the crowd, Gemini shouted: “How ya’ feelin’, Columbus!” That stung.

      • ExWalbridgeGuy

        I would pay decent money for a place where I could do the Joust with my friends, and it wouldn’t really take up that much space. (I understand that it’s likely impractical to build an Atlasphere arena in downtown DC) Kinda surprising that nobody offers the Joust though. The Georgetown Nike store could easily fit this somewhere, for example.

  • northeazy

    Yeah! I only like the “fuck Trump” graffiti springing up around town. It’s message is so much more positive then trying to maker America a better place.

    • Bobby McBob

      Yeah, Trump and his team are doing such a great job of that so far. People (especially people in DC, totally right in the demographic sweet spot of people who are going to like his policies) should really be nicer to him. It’s been at least a couple of days since he embarrassed us on the international stage, and almost a week since he issued an executive order that was nonsensical and racist! LEAVE TRUMP ALONE EVERYONE, HE’S TRYING HIS HARDEST TO #MAGA

      • Bobby McBob

        Since I’m on a roll, I might as well add that Trump supporters getting mad at progressives who hate Trump (and may or may not be expressing that opinion around town via graffiti) is some pretty hilarious cognitive dissonance. Trump himself (and most of his party) spent the last 8 years not just opposing Obama’s policies at every turn, but personally attacking the guy with lies and crackpot nonsensical garbage about his religion and personal background. Your team lost the ability to demand that everyone just play nice and give Trump a chance right around the time Trump starting being one of the loudest public figures attacking Obama with said lies and garbage, so, gee, I don’t know, probably around February 2009. You reap what you sow. You live in a city full of progressives. If you don’t like the fact that they hate Trump and are going to publicly complain about him for his entire term, feel free to move elsewhere, it’s a free country with a pretty high standard for free speech.

        • markus

          Hey Bobby who’s on a roll, did you just tell someone to shut up with their complaint and then defend “some” complaining, using “free speech” to tell same person they’ve “lost the ability” to speak said complaint, and to “move elsewhere” if they don’t like hearing people complaining? You really didn’t uphold that “high standard” did you?

        • MadMax

          Why would you assume that someone who points out negative behaviors of supposed Democrats / liberals must be on “the other team”? It’s entirely possible as a Democrat to point out the flaws in your own party, trust me, I do it regularly.


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