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Pitango Gelato and Café coming to Columbia Road

by Prince Of Petworth February 6, 2017 at 10:22 pm 18 Comments

1841 Columbia Road, NW

Hot damn, nice score for Adams Morgan. The liquor license placard for Pitango Gelato and Café says:

“A Gelato and Coffee Shop that serves salads, fresh baked bread, and an assorted selection of Sorbet. Seating Capacity of 49, Total Occupancy Load of 59, and a Sidewalk Cafe with 10 seats.”

They’ll be located between Lapis and Fleet Feet.


  • alpinepaq

    + 1,000,000 – this is great for several reasons…principally because it’s awesome to see some of the stubborn vacancy on this strip of Connecticut filling in. Personally, I would have preferred an ice cream shop (where is DC’s equivalent of Humphry Slocombe, Van Leeuwen or Ample Hills?), but this will do.

  • Tall E

    I used to make pitango pilgrimages to Baltimore. My neighborhood has officially gentrified enough for one!

  • textdoc

    I’m disappointed that this didn’t come to Adams Morgan while I was still living there.
    Oh well… maybe it’s better for my waistline this way.

    • EPinDC

      Definitely looking forward to this. I LOVE Pitango’s walnut gelato and chocolate sorbeto…and they have amazing hot chocolate, too. Not sure that this AND Federalist Pig will be great for MY waistline. Does anyone know when this is supposed to open?

      • AdMoGuy

        Don’t forget the imminent return of Popeye’s!

  • AMDCer

    I think this will do really well here – great addition to this section of Columbia Road.
    Side note – I wouldn’t characterize this strip of Columbia as having a “stubborn” vacancy problem – this spot was Gary Taylor’s framing shop for 30+ years until he moved up the road.

    • ST21

      I agree. I love the little “Urban Dwelling” store right next to this place.

    • Alpinepaq

      This spot has been vacant for at least a year, maybe two. The spot adjacent to it has been vacant for longer. A few hundred feet down the road the old foot locker is still vacant. Across the street the old carpet store, still vacant. I stand by the stubborn vacancy statement (though I did mean to write Columbia, not Connecticut)

  • chasscott

    What a welcome addition to the neighborhood!
    Lapis is a wonderful restaurant and Urban Dwell is one of the best new shops to open in DC last year and has lots of items I’ve never seen elsewhere. I think the two new major condo buildings and the new hotel within 2 blocks of this will have have continue to have a major positive effect on the re-emergence of the 18th and Columbia as a shopping and dining destination.

    • And don’t forget Mintwood Place – a really fantastic restaurant.

      • AMDCer

        And Fleet Feet, and Bedrock, and Perry’s… This has been a good block for a long time.

        • Yes I just got into a mini twitter war with Pop’s Sea Bar who didn’t mention Bedrock in a tweet they sent out either. I was being lighthearted but they get very upset when they are not mentioned in these type of conversations. The least laid back beach bar in the world. Also, I’d add So’s Your Mom, which is one of my favorite sandwich spots in town. It has been a good block but no reason to dampen the enthusiasm over the new spots either. (not saying you’re doing that.)

          • INWDC

            Not to be a turd, but I have to say Pops is a little overrated (and more than a little overpriced for what you get). That said, they’ve a nice space and offerings. And excellent news on Pitango’s moving in! So this means within a few block radius there are coffee offerings of Philz, Tryst, Songbyrd, Starbucks, Pleasant Pops, and now Pitango (which I think serves Zekes?)

          • That is a lot of coffee options – good thing more apartments are getting built!

          • AMDCer

            I’d add Astor and Yes!, too – I have lots of love for that block, dating back to the mid-90’s when I spent waaaay too much time at Bedrock and Perry’s. Haven’t been to Pop’s or Johnny’s yet, but I see them as sort of long-time establishments as well, since they have deep roots in these spaces. Mintwood Place as well, really, since it’s owned by Saeed Azali. All these folks have been committed to the neighborhood for years.

          • Shebamarie

            @INWDC – agree that pops is overrated. And adding to the list of coffee places: The Potter House. However, all of these coffee places are continually busy so I think we can comfortably accommodate another one. I personally am very much looking forward to it! Their Instagram page is filled with drool-worthy food photos :)

  • JohnH

    Does this mean they won’t be reopening around Logan? :(

  • Anon

    Any news on the CRU basement in the same building? Just noticed a sandwich board in the window this morning that said “Downstairs Coffeebar, Now Open” and it looked like there was a coffee/pastry counter in the doorway looking down the stairs. Can’t find anything online about it.


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