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Starting Thursday Lost Sock Roasters will be doing a coffee pop-up at Timber every Thursday-Sunday!!

by Prince Of Petworth — November 29, 2016 at 11:40 am 16 Comments

809 Upshur Street, NW

From an email:

“Starting this Thursday Lost Sock Roasters  will be doing a coffee pop-up in our space every Thursday-Sunday (730-12sh).

They will be doing drip coffee, pour-overs, and espresso drinks from beans they roast right on kennedy st.

We will be doing the food: wood-fired bagels, breakfast empanadas, and few other small things.”

See the full menu: lost-sock-pop-up-menu (PDF)

  • anon

    For those that don’t know, Lost Sock is a small startup based on Kennedy Street!

  • Guillermo Brown

    This is such good news and really needed in the neighborhood. How long before a roastery/coffee shop opens on 14th St near Lyman’s? Much needed!!!

    • Anonymous

      The area near the Petworth metro could use a quality coffee shop/roastery with enough space to accommodate people who want to drink their coffee with friends or do some work during the day. Qualia has great coffee, but the space is way too small. La Colombe, Compass Coffee or Tryst would be welcomed!
      +1 to the upper 14th St idea or in Park Place above the Petworth Metro or the abandoned warehouse behind Yes Organic on Kansas Ave NW.

      • PetworthGuy

        Agreed – Qualia is great but such a small place. Compass would be awesome!

  • textdoc

    I like the idea, but the bagel prices look a bit steep. $7 for a bagel with egg and cheese??

    • Agreed. $4 for a bagel compared to $1.50 at Bullfrog Bagels. I think this could do extremely well at this location. But I agree on the bagel prices, maybe there’s something I’m not understanding about the wood-fired-ness?

    • $$$$

      Agreed. I’m excited about the coffee, especially since Domku closed, but $9 for a bagel with eggs and bacon.

      • Near Northeast

        I agree the pricing on the bagels is puzzling. Particularly when I could apparently get three egg, cheese, and bacon empanadas for less than a single bagel with the same toppings.

        • textdoc

          I suspect the individual empanadas are very small. (But maybe not?)

  • Our deepest apologies if you think the bagels are too expensive. The problem is we are limited by hours for this pop-up, so we can’t do the volume to make a $1.50 bagel make sense. These bagels are also boiled in new york city, then shipped down, and then finished in the wood-fired oven. Not Cheap. These are also big bagels, and we use only local organic eggs and cheese. We hope you think it is worth the extra buck or two!

    • DF

      No offense because I LOVE your pizza, but bagels are so easy to make at home or in your operation. I’m really puzzled why you would prefer to buy them par boiled from NYC?

      • bagel lover

        But mass producing bagels requires special equipment if you want them done right. I agree, there’s no reason to have them boiled in NYC, as the whole NY water thing is just not true. There’s plenty of good bagel places around (mostly in MD) that can supply the bagels for cheaper, but maybe there’s something to the wood-fired oven.

    • tacopuss

      That’s all well and good, but those prices are insane. I won’t even consider giving them a chance at that price.

    • Liz

      Thanks for explaining! I love love love your pizza and will absolutely give these a shot, too.

  • Will there be space to sit and enjoy there or is this more of a to-go spot? And is there wifi? 🙂

    • Timber

      There will be wifi and a place to hang, yes!


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