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T-1.5 Hours to Smoked and Stacked

by Prince Of Petworth September 9, 2016 at 9:30 am 14 Comments

1239 9th Street, NW

Today is a good day. Smoked and Stacked will be open from 11am-3pm today! Normal hours of operation will be:

Monday-Friday 8:00a-3:00pm

Saturday-Sunday 10:00a-3:00pm

You can see their menu here:

smokedandstacked_menu (PDF)


And a peek inside:




  • OK – I’m so excited for this, but am I going to have to bring my own Swiss?

  • Carlos Zambrano

    That’s an expensive sandwich

    • joe

      It’s the same price as pretty much every single gourmet sandwich shop in the city.

      • JohnH

        The one picture I saw looked like the sandwich was on the smaller side. That’s the difference.

    • njb510

      Arguing over sandwich prices; the real reason Carlos Zambrano got into those fights in the dugout.

  • cpt12

    I was really excited for this place, but the menu just seems so boring and unimaginative. I cant believe there’s not a brisket sandwich at all. I think if I want BBQ I’ll have to stick to the Garden District.

    • I actually like the fact that it’s so straightforward. Sometimes well executed basics are the best foods you can find.

  • OStreet Neighbor

    I’ve been excited for this to open, too, but, whywhywhy are they open for lunch only? Big disappointment.

    • divebar311

      Lunch options are pretty slim in this area
      Capture Convention Center and Marriott Marquis guests
      Extremely competitive (some would argue over-saturated) restaurant market in Shaw

      • JohnH

        Shaw/Mount Vernon Square is not over-saturated with restaurants. It’s a bit over-saturated with higher priced restaurants, but certainly not fast casual (which this is fast casual, but pricey fast casual). The thing with the convention center is that most groups holding meetings/conventions there are using food services within the convention center. Not all, but many. If it was so bustling with people looking for food, the retail wouldn’t have been empty in this area for so long. It just seems a bit odd when the convention center area is not a primarily commercial area – why would you eliminate a big chunk of your market from coming to your business with limited hours? They don’t need to be open til 11. And the sandwiches they are offering are more “dinner friendly” than say a Jetties.

        • It’s probably not worth keeping the lights on and paying employees to sell a couple of sandwiches to an evening crowd.

  • anyoneofus

    The pastrami is really good.

    • HillEast

      agreed. i went at lunch and it was great.

  • ECfromDC

    Small pricey sammiches …. i’m mildly curious tho.


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