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“Does anyone know or has used a company to shore up sagging floors?”

by Prince Of Petworth September 7, 2016 at 2:15 pm 10 Comments

Photo by PoPville flickr user Der Berzerker

“Dear PoPville,

Does anyone know or has used a company to shore up sagging floors? I have a sagging first floor that needs to be repaired. I’ve gotten an engineer’s report which states that the floor needs to be leveled and the joists sistered. The basement below is all cinder block walls and open ceiling (no drywall on the ceiling) so it should be easy to do. However, I haven’t been able to find a company that I can trust to do it.

If anyone has had this type of work done – please give me a recommendation. Thanks.”

  • Kevin

    Chesapeake Kitchen Design on Wisconsin Avenue leveled and sistered my sagging floors in my 100+ year old row house in Shaw. This was a part of a larger renovation, but they did a really nice job. Very reliable and trustworthy. They do things the right way. Ask for Fernando.

    • Brookland mom

      We used Chesapeake for a kitchen and bath renovation and loved them. Fernando is a super nice guy and they were reasonable in terms of price. They also have great angie’s list ratings. I think they are more of a kitchen/bath company (my guess is that PP used them to fix floors during that type of renovation) so they might not be the right fit for this job, but can’t hurt to ask.

      Otherwise, my initial thought was to just go on angie’s list and find a local general contractor, or see if there is a category for flooring.

  • JS

    A general contractor specializing in older homes should be able to help you out given that you already have the engineer’s report. Angie’s List or Consumer’s Checkbook will have a list of places to call for estimates.

  • Rich

    Something Different LLC did this for me at a decent price

  • saf

    Spectrum Design Build did similar work for us for a fair price

  • Trinidaddy

    Out of curiosity, how does one obtain one of these engineering reports? My first floor had all interior walls removed and two joists are now beginning to sag noticeably.

    • JS

      Just call a reputable structural engineer to come out and evaluate your house. I think it’ll run $400 or so for the visit and the report.

      • A Nonny Mouse

        Have a recommendation for a good structural engineer?

  • I do property and condo association management, and use Montoya Home Improvement for everything from installing a dishwasher to a complete kitchen gut with wall removal. My 2nd favorite thing about them, after the quality of their work, is that they’ve told me they weren’t experienced enough for a job (flat roof repair) and wouldn’t take my money for it. Click my name for my website to get in touch or email jon at coldants.com and I’ll tell them to expect you.

  • anon developer

    Any of the contractors mentioned here can do this – it’s actually much easier than it sounds. It does not require a structural engineer’s visit, but if it gives you peace of mind then it couldn’t hurt to call an engineer. You just need an experienced residential/rehab carpenter.

    The process (at its simplest) is to use a series of jacks to lift up the floor assembly, and then laminate an additional piece of lumber at each deflected joist. Depending on the condition of the subfloor and finish floor, there could be more remediation work needed, but you might find that this is all you need. Good luck!


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