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Readers Report 2pm Shooting just north of the Petworth Metro

by Prince Of Petworth September 7, 2016 at 2:07 pm 83 Comments

Georgia and Shepherd St, NW looking south

Full release from MPD:

“Detectives from the Metropolitan Police Department responded to a police-involved shooting that occurred in the 3800 block of Georgia Avenue, Northwest on Wednesday, September 7, 2016.

At approximately 1:44 pm, a uniformed MPD officer was flagged down in reference to an unknown individual walking northbound in the 3800 block of Georgia Avenue, Northwest, firing a handgun. The officer went to investigate and observed the suspect walking on the east side of the street where it was highly crowded with pedestrian and vehicular traffic. The officer approached the suspect and issued several verbal commands directing the suspect to drop the weapon. The subject ignored the officer’s commands and continued walking and shooting. The officer then discharged his service weapon striking the suspect. The suspect was subsequently arrested and transported to the hospital for further medical assistance.

The suspect’s handgun was recovered on the scene. 22-year-old Marc Jeffers of Northwest, DC was arrested and charged with Assault with a Dangerous Weapon (Gun), Carrying a Pistol Without a License, Unlawful Possession of a Firearm, Discharging a Firearm, Possession of an Unregistered Weapon and Ammunition, and Possession of a Prohibited Weapon.

No pedestrians or officers were injured during this incident. This case remains under investigation. Anyone with information is asked to contact police at 202-727-9099.”

Update from the Swift Apartment building (from a reader):

“An individual was randomly shooting at a Metro bus on Georgia Avenue near the construction site across from the Safeway entrance. The DC Police quickly intervened, shot and subdued the individual. Georgia Avenue is currently blocked to all traffic between Quincy Street and Randolph Street. I spoke with one of the Police officers, who told me that the individual has been taken to the hospital and no one else was hurt during incident.”

Update from MPD:

“Georgia Ave will be closed to traffic during PM rush between New Hampshire Ave and Taylor St NW for police activity following OIS”

Readers report:

“So, shooting in #Petworth a few minutes ago… Georgia and Randolph.”

“Several shots in quick succession, definitely a body. Lots of police.”

“Guy randomly shooting a gun on the corner of Quincy and Georgia. Eight shots heard, he ran off. Police called, still on foot.”

“A lot of gunshots on Georgia Ave near the Safeway. Bullet casings up and down the street.”

Georgia and Quincy St, NW looking north


“MPD reports the intersection of Georgia Ave and Randolph St NW is closed due to police activity. Updates are to follow.”

“Whole intersection is closed in all directions.”

From MPD:

“ALERT: Police Involved Shooting in 3800 b/o of Georgia Ave. Details forthcoming. PIO en route”

  • weird vibes

    Ugh. My husband and I walked by there around noon and heard some commotion. It just seemed off and felt “weird” and then low and behold someone gets shot right there 2 hours later.

    • JB

      To be fair, there is often a “weird vibe” in that area during the middle of the day (even more that at other times).

      • weird vibes

        True. But we basically walk by there every single day at around the same time and this was just different. There were a whole bunch of people in front of the funeral home and it sounded like someone was shrieking – usually it is fairly empty on that corner.

  • illinoisandjefferson

    i honestly can’t say i’m surprised. i get off at this stop everyday after work and kinda just assume it’s gonna pop off any second. i just don’t understand how so, when there’s usually 5 cops standing in front of the dunkin donuts.

  • kallie

    Just saw this from the @DCPoliceDept Twitter Account: “ALERT: Police Involved Shooting in 3800 b/o of Georgia Ave. Details forthcoming. PIO en route”

  • MRD

    I stopped taking Metro a year ago, but the “weird vibe” always seemed to be at the other exit on New Hampshire. I always got the feeling that the guys standing around there were waiting for a target and purposely exited on Georgia to avoid it.
    Apparently, there’s no avoiding it. They really should have uniforms right at the exits.

    • west_egg

      FWIW the NH Ave exit is currently closed for escalator rehabilitation.

      • illinoisandjefferson

        it’s been closed for months. yesterday, the opposite side exit wasnt even working.

        • textdoc

          What do you mean, “wasn’t even working”?
          I was weirded out when I came home via Metro late-ish on a Friday night a few weeks ago and the staff at the Georgia Ave.-Petworth Metro had already pulled down the security shutters at the bottom of the west-exit escalators. So we all had to exit via the elevator.
          Seems like that oughtn’t to be allowed, for fire-safety reasons.

          • Leeran

            You’d think so. Always something new.

          • NH Ave Hiker

            None of the escalators were working.

          • Anonymous

            I assume illinoisandjefferson means that the escalators weren’t working. I exited the station yesterday evening and all three escalators were not in operation. Well, I guess they were operating as stairs, but not as escalators.

          • illinoisandjefferson

            what anonymous said.

          • textdoc

            Thanks, NH Ave Hiker and illinoisandjefferson!

          • Anonymous

            I answered the question too. No thanks if you don’t make up a different fake name, I guess. [sad face]

          • textdoc

            Sorry, Anonymous 3:15/4:06 pm — didn’t mean to make you feel overlooked. ;)

    • James

      Pretty sure that ‘weird vibe’ is called racism. I use this metro every single day.

      • LittleBluePenguin

        Yeah, I use this metro all the time and it doesn’t stand out to me as being particularly unsavory or unsafe. I can think of a half dozen other stations where I’m more likely to be yelled out, aggressively asked for money, or see drug deals go down / be consumed. Now, granted, there are a few “characters” out there at the Petworth metro who I steer clear of, and there have been crowds of youth that I try to stay away from, but that’s just common sense and not particular to anything about this station.

      • FJ

        My significant other is harassed on a weekly basis by men loitering outside this metro station. The police were called yesterday about a man screaming obscenities and violent threats at a woman, who had to hide from him in the ATM booth. Police are constant presence on this block, either patrolling or making arrests. Pretty sure that “weird vibe” is criminal activity. Being afraid of threats and sexual harassment is not racism. Just because other stations are worse doesn’t mean it is acceptable here or anywhere.

        • Anonymous

          The bust stops areas aren’t always like this, but often enough that they’re not particularly pleasant places to stand and wait for a bus, if that is literally all you are doing. To suggest that these are just ordinary average bus stops where people are just waiting for buses is totally disingenuous. You only have to go to almost any other bus stop in the vicinity to prove this to yourself. These areas are most definitely places where people congregate, and not just to wait for buses.

          • JB


      • HaileUnlikely

        A quick look at crime stats suggests that there are actual legitimate explanations as to why one might feel less comfortable in the immediate vicinity of the Petworth metro station than in a lot of other places. Of course it is not the single least safe most crime-ridden spot in all of DC, but it’s way far above average with respect to things like robberies and gunshots.

  • Anonymous

    I saw it from my car! I thought it was fireworks at first and then I saw the guy with the gun in his hand and someone running. I didn’t stick around- I drove away and called 911. I didn’t realize he had hit anyone!

    • JM

      +1 for calling 911!

    • rubydogdc

      I think that there was a person firing a gun who did not hit anyone, but that person was subsequently shot by police. My guess is a K2/synthetic weed freakout.

      • Marty

        Thanks to the officers for having good aim, and to the original shooter for not.

  • JM

    I took the photo at Georgia & Quincy — for reference, that’s out front of 829 Quincy St NW (Paramount Apartments) with Park Place/Dunkin Donuts/Metro on the right. Each of the 4 corners in the photo had a cop stationed there, plus what looked like 1 cop each walking the sidewalks on each side of each street. White shirted cop (lieutenant?) in the intersection there.

    • saf

      I’m on 10th, between Quincy and Randlph. Just got home. Nobody in cars can go past 10th going toward GA Ave.

      • BlueStreak

        Do I know you? That’s my block!

  • petworth resident

    Glad I didn’t walk my pup on our normal route at our normal time today or we might have had a front row seat. :-/

  • Jade

    I live right on that corner and am in and out all day long for my job. I’ve never felt unsafe or had an incidents in this particular block. Very scary though.

    • NotHere

      +1000 Tired of all these people talking about the “weird” vibes outside the metro station… They are just people waiting for the buses. I have lived in the corner of Randolph and GA for more than 10 years now. This incident seems random, and committed by an unstable person.

  • Aaron

    I heard the shots from my apartment and assumed it had to be fireworks because of the frequency. About 8 shots, then a pause, and another 6 or so and then about 5 more about 30 seconds later. Called 911 just in case and then came down the apartment stairs to see bullet casings at Georgia & Quincy. Apparently a guy was randomly shooting a gun while walking up Georgia and was eventually shot by police.

  • Dizzy

    I drove by heading north on New Hampshire at about 2:20. Quincy and Randolph are both closed to traffic from NH to Georgia, as is Georgia from NH north to Randolph. I saw a man pointing out a bullet hole in a car parked on NH Ave in front of Sweet Mango to a police officer. This incident must have spanned a couple of blocks.

  • NH Ave Hiker

    Glad there are gunfights in the middle of the day at one of the neighborhood’s busiest areas.

  • Petworth Resident

    My building (on the 3800 block) sent us the following statement about the shooting:
    An individual was randomly shooting at a Metro bus on Georgia Avenue near the construction site across from the Safeway entrance. The DC Police quickly intervened, shot and subdued the individual. Georgia Avenue is currently blocked to all traffic between Quincy Street and Randolph Street. I spoke with one of the Police officers, who told me that the individual has been taken to the hospital and no one else was hurt during incident.

    • Jade

      I just talked to a guy who saw it and heard the press conference, and this is so far correct. Apparently, he was shooting at the ground and in the air walking up from the metro toward Safeway and police were alerted and came and shot him. He was taken away and is in surgery and no one else was hurt.

  • Neighbor

    I guess PCP and guns don’t mix?! Seems pretty whack even for Petworth. Jeeze!

  • ParkViewneighbor

    Since this is happening so close to the major developments around the metro (safeway, swift…), do you think our fearless leaders of Ward 4 will take a stand or is it not impacting real estate prices yet ?

    • Anon

      People’s lives were put in grave danger and This Guy steps in all worried about his property values. Got it.

      • Aaron

        I think you’ve misunderstood his comment.

      • textdoc

        I don’t think PVN is necessarily worried about his/her property values — more wondering what has to happen before leaders do anything.

      • illinoisandjefferson

        i think you read too much into what they’re saying.

      • Anonymous

        Pretty sure he was being sarcastic….i.e., Ward 4 leaders won’t act until white people starting leaving in droves and property prices are affected.

      • madmonk28

        Pretty sure you missed the point.

      • Anon

        Oh, I got his point. To be fair, I’d be worried too. I’d just recommend taking a different tactic next time around – the “property values” argument is falling on deaf ears in places like Petworth.

        • Anonymous

          Are you sure you got his point? ParkViewneighbor was not saying that he is worried about his property values.

          • Anon

            I don’t believe that for a second though. Anyway, I have no dog in this fight – but I’d seriously advise against mentioning “property values” if you want to sway the old-timers. The optics are fairly, uh, transparent.

          • Anonymous

            Yeah, you totally didn’t get the point. Thanks for conforming.

          • Anonymous

            dammit. I meant *confirming*.

          • dcd

            I can’t believe I have to spell this out . . .
            Anon, PVN’s point was that the leaders of Ward 4 aren’t acting to curtail violence, but they should be. PVN surmises that the reason they’re not acting is that all the Ward 4 leaders care about is property values, and since they’re not impacted yet, no action is required.
            Got it now?

          • Anon

            dcd, if you think that’s genuinely true, then I don’t know what to tell you. Petworth leaders care about getting voted in by the old guard – who largely doesn’t care about “property values”.

          • anon

            Interesting, Anon – I guess in truth the rest of us didn’t get YOUR point until you spelled it out for us – thanks for doing so.

        • madmonk28

          Yeah, you really, really didn’t get his point.

  • Craig

    I know Police Chief Cathy L. Lanier is glad she’s leaving MPD in about week. These headaches will now belong to Acting Police Chief Peter Newsham. I hope Washington, D.C. don’t become like Chicago. Are you listening Mayor Muriel Bowser and D.C. Council?

    • Aaron

      Bowser and Todd clearly aren’t listening, which is why we need to vote them out in the next election

      • Michael


    • madmonk28

      No, they are not.

    • bubbe

      DC would be lucky to be like Chicago. In Chicago, you know where to go and not go. In DC, you could get shot/mugged/stabbed at any time, any place.

      • Get real

        That is complete nonsense.

      • ForrestHills

        Totally agree. Spent Labor Day weekend in Chicago. Downtown, Logan Square, Ukrainian Village, Lakeview, Jefferson Park – took the L and city buses all through the North Side and felt safer than I do walking down Connecticut. I can’t think of another city like DC where citizens are getting mugged at gunpoint & harassed in front of their $600k homes.
        It does go to show just how bad the South Side of Chicago must be to tilt the city’s crime stats so dramatically.

        • eva

          I wouldn’t count on a weekend personal feeling of safety as evidence that Chicago is safer. Many of my family members live in Chicago (and they’re white, so not south side, since Chicago is uber segregated). My brother who lives in Lincoln Park has been pistol whipped twice in three years in muggings, and all of his friends have been violently robbed. Other than my elderly relatives who live on the far far north side (ie almost in Skokie) my family has repeatedly been victimized and threatened by violence in Chicago and they are middle class/white collar folks in “good” to gentrifying neighborhoods. People are absolutely getting mugged at gunpoint in front of 600k homes. I have many friends who moved out of Ukrainian Village and Logan Square for precisely those reasons (one was sexually assaulted by a stranger who accosted her when she left a bar in one of those neighborhoods). Just because you didn’t see this happening on your little weekend trip doesn’t mean it’s not the reality that Chicagoans are living with and its a little flippant to act like Chicago is safe because you had a fun three days there.

          If personal feelings of safety matter, I’ve lived in DC for 17 years, 13 of those years EOTP and I very rarely feel unsafe. When I visit Chicago (which I happened to do the weekend before Labor Day) am I constantly watching my back.

        • stacksp

          Just because some developer bought and flipped a house for 600k doesn’t mean that it is in a good neighborhood. People feel the need to purchase because of the “limited” housing and increasing prices but that doesn’t mean that these homes are necessarily in what would consider a good neighborhood which is why some move to the suburbs because they refuse to pay those prices for neighborhoods they deem unsafe. It’s all personal preference.

          In general, it’s pretty clear what neighborhoods and strips to avoid in DC

      • Anonymous

        It’s just an opinion, but I completely agree. Lived in Chicago nearly a decade. Didn’t go to problematic south and west side neighborhoods where the overwhelming majority of gun crime occurs. Went everywhere else. Never felt unsafe. Walked away from two leases in NW DC – one at the intersection of this crime – in just over a year because of the nonstop commotion to live a ten minute walk across the bridge in VA, and feel that I have infinitely better quality of life in just a matter of weeks.

  • billindc

    To sum up:
    1. Easy availability of guns from neighboring jurisdictions.
    2. An apparently crazy person with a gun.
    3. Propensity of armed crazy person to do crazy things with it.

    Curious how anyone can be outraged city officials or the police have trouble preventing that scenario in any fiscally or legally acceptable way. Sorry.

    • William

      I don’t accept your flippant “sorry”. If this was a once off occurrence it would be horrible but it would be just that – a one off. This is not a singular event. 2 days ago there was a shooting about 2 blocks away. 6 days before that a mob attack right by this Safeway. A week before that a shooting at Hamilton Street Park (which turned out to be two individuals with two guns, one just waving his whilst the other shoots wildly in the alley at 7:15 when there are kids all around). A week or so before that 6-8 shots ring out on Iowa right by the metro station. A week before that a double shooting on Georgia just up the street. My family lives here. We shop here. We go out to eat here. I don’t want to get shot here. The community comes together to discuss constructive solutions and dialogue with the police and electeds and all we get are political speeches (looking at you Deputy Mayor Donahue) when they show up and when they don’t show up they just send junior staff to “actively listen” – whatever the hell that means. If there are businesses selling synthetics – shut them down (the city has the power to do that). If there are known offenders the next time they commit a crime lock them up AND DON”T RELEASE THEM UNTIL THEY’VE GONE THROUGH TRIAL. I am so tired that when violence erupts in our community there is a strain of comments that verge on the “well – we live in the city, so just deal with it”. We can deal with missed trash pickup, litter, noise, and the buzz of urban living but we cannot just be “sorry” or be okay when a madman goes on a shooting rampage in front of our grocery store.

      • Aaron

        Well said – thank you.

      • LittleBluePenguin


      • Anon

        William, I agree with several of your points. I would just add that the police and Mayor have no control and little influence over the federal system that includes prosecution of adults, judges making trial and detention decisions, and detention or supervision of arrestees pending trial. Although the police and even whichever Mayor has been in office at the time have tried to influence them, the results vary. Things really deteriorated when Machen became the US Attorney. Plus, with federal budget sequestration, the resources are legitimately depleted in these agencies. You might try lobbying Rep Norton about these issues.

        The District Attorney General, Karl Racine, has authority over juveniles pending trial for all but the most violent crimes, and he has staffed the agency leadership with public defender types, so you should weigh in with him.

        The Council has the ability to legislate, but for the past 3.5 years, very liberal leaning Councilmembers have been in charge of the Judiciary Committee (first Wells and now McDuffie), making it impossible to get strong laws passed. They have almost exclusively focused on making the justice system better for arrestees and offenders. Oh, and on having hearing after hearing about police practices and tactics to make sure they can’t do anything. You might want to weigh in on these issues.

    • anon

      I think billindc’s point still stands – I don’t think local officials control the criminal justice system in DC.

  • curlysue

    Super. So glad my rent is increasing as I pay through the nose to live within shooting distance of some maniac with a gun.

    • LittleBluePenguin

      – That’s (part of) why we’re moving when our lease is up!

  • Anon

    The only way to stop a bad PCP-addled guy with a gun is a good PCP-addled guy with a gun.

    • Anon

      Hahaha, nice!

  • I see all

    I live on this corner and can confirm for a FACT that the block around the metro (especially New Hampshire and Randolf) is the home of a thriving heroin operation. If you want it, sit on that corner and before long someone will come service your needs. Not only have I seen a man injecting heroin into his arm on that corner (in his car), I see people “nodding out” on a daily basis. I have found drug bags with syringes and even seen baggies with bits of drugs still in them. Someone was shot on that corner not two months ago. Its not rascism or a “weird vibe”. Its just that the local drug dealer lives here. And often where drugs get slung, crime follows. The dealer gets monthly deliveries late at night. I see that too. Neighbors have told the police and they said to us frankly, “you document it and take pictures. The current police chief does not like “long investigations.” So basically if I put myself in danger to be a rookie cop/dectective, they will investgate. No thanks. I already have a job. I will be moving soon from this neighborhood. Even other parts of Petworth feel safer to me.

    • madmonk28

      Yeah, it’s pretty clear which house is the drug house. I thought it was common knowledge that the bus stop and Metro exit on NH Ave was hub of criminal activity. That weird vibe is a thriving drug trade, it’s been that way as long as I’ve lived here.

    • stacksp

      So many corners on and off Georgia Ave where this same scenario applies. This block isn’t unique by any stretch outside that it’s near the metro so it makes it a good exchange location just as CH metro is a good place for meeting up and making deals

    • madmonk28

      Was it last year that they caught on video some guy getting shot at that Metro? I remember after that, MPD put up those stupid lights that are supposed to magically stop crime and all the drug dealers sat on the lights’ generators while they worked. One summer during one of those crazy hot days, I saw a woman passed out in that little triangle park up the road with the needle still in her arm, but yeah, nothing weird about that vibe.

      • Anonymous

        Either earlier this year or last year, but yeah, it was right outside the Metro station entrance that is now closed. The same Metro entrance, I think, where some commenters are insisting there is no ‘weird vibe’ except for racism. IMO, those commenters are either not observant or not honest.

        • LittleBluePenguin

          I think it’s perfectly possible for there to be the “weird vibe” people get from drug dealers and users, as well as the ‘weird vibe” some people get from being sorta racist. One does not exclude the other. I use this stop on a near-daily basis, and while I see lots of shenanigans and drug deals, I also see lots of regular people using this stop as any other commuter would. Sometimes my hairs stand up and I try to figure out what the hell is going on / why I feel so on edge, and other times, I run into a friend or neighbor and chat with them on my way in to or out of the station.

          • Anonymous

            Yes, absolutely. All of this is consistent with what I posted.

  • s3

    This is SO yesterday. Don’t you guys know shots were JUST fired south of Sherman Circle just a few minutes ago? Not even lunch. Look, if you want to call people racist for keeping their head on a swivel around the GA AVE Metro stop, so be it. I live right there in one of those big, obnoxious apartment buildings. On more than one occasion I’ve had someone come at me, and it’s on the regular that i get sized up. I moved in JUL 1 and have had 4x where dudes have tried to follow me into my bldng, each time their becoming aggressive toward me when I questioned their purpose. It is what it is. How come every time a cop car rounds the corner by the donut place, all those kids go running? They scatter. It’s like watching a track team explode. To add, I’ve never seen so many children on the street after dark unaccompanied or with no real reason to be there at 10 pm, a11 pm . . . . children. The day I tried to enter said shop with my own small kids, and some tween tried to challenge me by telling me I couldn’t go in, is pretty typical for those of us who live there. Anyone see the naked guy a few weeks back just standing in the middle of the sidewalk, pants around his ankles. No idea what he had smoked, but he was a zombie. So, right, in an again-transitioning neighborhood, the opportunists are out trying to get their cut. It is what it is.

    • stacksp

      Keeping your head on a swivel is not racist imo, its exercising street sense and common sense imo


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