Armed Burglary Suspect Arrested After Being Recognized at a shopping mall in Maryland

by Prince Of Petworth September 19, 2016 at 10:05 pm 11 Comments

Photo by PoPville flickr user KJinDC

From MPD:

“On Wednesday, September 14th, an armed burglary occurred at 4843 Illinois Avenue, NW. The Fourth District detectives were able to develop a suspect and quickly obtained an arrest warrant for 32 year-old Youhynas Gray of Laurel, MD.

On Saturday, a member of the Fourth District was off-duty and was at a shopping mall in Maryland when he recognized the suspect. He knew the suspect was wanted in the armed burglary. He contacted the local police and directed the responding officers to the location of the suspect. The suspect is currently in the process of being extradited to the District of Columbia.

This was an excellent job by the officer!”

  • LG

    This is awesome! Well done!

  • U neighbor

    Just reminds me that while most of us can walk away from our jobs when we clock out, our police are protecting and serving 24/7, inserting themselves into dangerous situations out of pure sense of duty. That runs the gamut from helping a disabled motorist (which hospitalized two on-duty cops yesterday) to something like this (following someone potentially armed and dangerous) to stopping a stabbing spree (imagine if the cops showed up just as the off-duty officer pulled his weapon — in the chaos, who might have taken the bullet? This does happen).
    Thanks MPD and everyone else in blue!

    • stacksp

      The disabled motorist that was shot and killed on camera with his hands up? You support that?

      • NH Ave Hiker

        When did U neighbor ever say that they supported that? Come on, no need to start something so early in the AM.

        • stacksp

          I was wondering what disabled motorist incident he wa referring to and I asked him not you so your response was not required.

          • U neighbor

            2 cops were helping someone on 295 yesterday. They were hit and hospitalized. Very sad.

          • stacksp

            Oh ok. Didn’t hear about that one yet

          • NH Ave Hiker

            Sorry, I took it as a comment that because they had a “pro-police” post, they automatically supported the terrible thing that happened in Tulsa. My fault.

          • U neighbor

            Obviously my support for the police is not support for sad and unjust acts like the Tulsa video. Let’s remember that there are flawed humans like you and me filling these jobs, so when something goes wrong, that wrong should be corrected as much as possible. So yes, I think that the Crutcher family should get justice, so that the good work of cops as a whole is not tarnished by the few horrible acts that get a lot of press.
            The vast, vast majority of cops want to do good, and they prove that on a minute-by-minute basis, despite what we hear in the press lately

      • Another U Streeter

        Since he or she was discussing MPD in our area, I imagine the story refers to this one, on 295/695, which was all over the news yesterday: http://www.nbcwashington.com/news/local/Officers-Injured-in-Crash-Near-11th-Street-Bridge_Washington-DC-394038551.html

  • PRK

    It sounds like the 4th District may have a super recognizer!



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