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  • Michael

    Don’t worry everyone, after last weekend’s violence in our neighborhood the 4th District Commander and Brandon Todd assured me that statistics show that crime is on the decrease and that we are doing much better than Anacostia. Councilman Todd is “working closely with the Commander.” So even though last night there was a shooting one block from my home and today the shooting is 4 blocks away EVERYTHING IS FINE….. Where is the outrage from our elected leaders that could actually show us they give a damn? This community matters to me but I am not sure the DC Govt, our mayor or councilman share in that feeling.

    • Anonymous

      They hide behind these statistics. Cops will tell you off the record that they intentionally don’t report some crime or report it as a lesser crime so that the statistics look better and/or no paperwork. It’s a scam. Look at the FBI numbers. Not the District. Don’t even bother trying to find out how many crimes are “solved” or a suspect is apprehended. MPD says they don’t track that! I’m tired of the talking points. We need changes at MPD.

    • Anon

      Actually, what Upper Georgia ave and Kennedy Street apparently need is more “affordable” housing! Just ask the Mayor and Councilmember Todd! It’s the key to solving crime!

    • lebro

      OMG. I live in the middle, basically one block from each of the incidents in the last 24 hours. Also, my child’s daycare is I between the two, on the very block of Georgia the two shootings took place last week. This is ludicrous. And now at 5:30 we have sirens again.

    • Florence Water Tower

      Maybe we can do another walkthrough, that total solved the problem last time (sarcasm).

      Until the city gets serious about locking violent offenders up, this will continue. My personal feeling is to make carrying a gun a minimum penalty of 15 years in jail. It would be a start.

  • jim_ed

    This happened right at the entrance to Junkie Alley on Illinois just south of Junkie Corner at Kennedy St. Not that this area has had a multitude of problems that should’ve been addressed years ago or anything.

  • Longfellow

    Why isn’t there a camera on the corner of Georgia and Kennedy and another on the corner of Illinois and Kennedy? Put one on the corner of 7th and Jefferson while you’re at it. How many people need to get shot here before the city takes meaningful action?

  • illinoisandjefferson

    i dont miss this block at all. but it sucks to see the city not do a damn thing to make this stop.

  • John

    In the neighborhood, wish I could move.


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