Shooting in Petworth/Brightwood Park and Columbia Heights Friday Night

by Prince Of Petworth August 6, 2016 at 1:03 pm 11 Comments

Georgia and Hamilton St, NW

From MPD around 7pm:

“The Fourth District is currently working a shooting in the 5100 block of Georgia Ave N.W., where an adult male was found suffering from multiple gunshot wounds to the upper torso. The Violent Crimes Branch is handling the investigation. We are asking any citizens that may have information relative to this event to contact detectives on 202-645-9600 or 202-727-9099.”

Also from MPD just before 10:30pm:

“Shooting //2800 blk of 14th Street, NW

  • lebro

    This is the third shooting on that section of Georgia in 2 weeks…. Not to mention the close proximity to the well-known Jefferson St hot spot… come on DCPC! Do something!

    First on July 24: https://www.popville.com/2016/07/police-involved-shooting-at-georgia-and-ingraham-st-nw-just-after-8pm-saturday/
    Second on July 29: https://www.popville.com/2016/07/multiple-shootingsshots-fired-friday-night/

    • Anonymous

      What’s DCPC?

  • Anon

    For all the promising development and investments immediately easy and west of the area, Georgia from Hamilton to Madison remains a crime-ridden dump. 14tj and Harvard isn’t even worth commenting on anymore.

  • stacksp

    Possible retaliation to this? Just a few days ago


  • Michael

    And no one cares… That is what gets me. If you contact either MPD or Brandon Todd all you will get are a set of talking points about how crime is actually down that fly in the face of reality. And the fact that the Mayor is from our Ward… You would think she would give a damn, but instead she’d rather spend time talking statehood.

    • Smokescreen

      I think it is pretty obvious that statehood is a distraction designed to make people stop thinking about sweetheart deals with developers, surging crime, and the poor state of Metro.

      • Anonymous

        Yah, don’t forget the Mayor. She has no idea what is happening in this city or she is willfully ignoring it. Screw Statehood. Give me a safe city!

  • Anonymouse

    Here’s the thing: Crime IS down in the Fourth District. Run the numbers on the MPD Crime Map for yourself and you’ll see that it’s down in all major categories (violent and property). But the number of gunshots isn’t tracked and released publicly by MPD.

    • dcd

      Sorry, not buying it. After all of the personal experiences and anecdotes about how MPD dissuades crime victims from filing reports, or outright refuses to take a report, or how people are so disillusioned that they just don’t bother even trying to file a report (particularly with respect to property crimes), I put zero credence in the crime statistics and MPD or the politicians tout.

      • dcd

        I will concede there are fewer homicides than last year. It’s tough to cook the books on them. But as to everything else, including assaults, I am skeptical, to say the least. That doesn’t mean that I think crime is up; it means that the statistics are effectively worthless.

    • HaileUnlikely

      Also, acknowledging but for the moment ignoring dcd’s valid and important point above, the fourth district is huge. People who live between, say, Fifth and Georgia, Decatur and Kennedy, have little reason to care about aggregated 4D stats.


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