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Very Distinct Missing Cat from Columbia Heights

by Prince Of Petworth July 3, 2016 at 2:34 pm 4 Comments


Mark asks folks to keep an eye out for:

“My cat, Hershey, left the house this morning, Sat, around 10 am. Has not been seen since. 3400 Holmead. 301-807-1500 or email M1924(at)hotmail.com”

Ed. Note: Please keep close attention to your pets over the 4th of July as many get spooked and run during the many fireworks.

  • wpk_dc

    These missing-pet posts break my heart because our pets mean so much to us. Good luck finding Hershey!

  • victoria

    An indoor cat that escapes is often hiding very close. (Though they can find some crazy hiding places, and may be too scared to come when called. ) Best of luck in your search, yes tonight will be a horror show for pets.

    • Ally

      Agree! I lost my darling Siamese years ago when she slipped out my apartment door behind me as I was leaving (I didn’t see her do it). I put out ads in the Washington Post and hired a tracker, etc…she was missing for weeks and I had a pit in my stomach the whole time. Turned out she was hiding in a hole under the apartment’s staircase that I never knew was there. A woman luckily saw my fliers in the building and saw my cat’s tail going into the crawl space; otherwise I might have never gotten her back (she was dehydrated but otherwise okay and lived many years after!).

      So, flier everywhere you can, put out food with a camera (I bought one of those little wildlife motion activated cameras…they’re pretty cheap and strap to a tree or pole). And let us know if we can help! <3

      • Ally

        Oh, and you probably already did this, but send a photo to the humane society (both locations) so they can call you if she/he gets picked up and brought in. Good luck!


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