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“Yorkie still missing – believed to be stolen and sold off – $1,000 Reward Offered”

by Prince Of Petworth June 9, 2016 at 1:55 pm 38 Comments


“Dear PoPville,

We can only offer $1,000 but we hope to raise awareness that dog theft is a reality and anyone that buys a dog without papers may very well be buying a stolen dog.”

Please continue to keep an eye out for Lexington. IF FOUND please report here: http://www.petlink.net/us, call: 1-877-PETLINK (1-877-738-5465) or email: [email protected]

  • Ben

    I’m pretty certain I saw this little guy outside Suns Cinema on Mt. Pleasant street last night around 7 pm. I thought about picking him up because he seemed lost, but he had a collar, so I assumed there was an owner nearby. I know better now. But it doesn’t seem like Lexington has strayed too far. I’ll keep an eye out again.

    • Just wanted to let everyone know that I did check out this sighting. The dog’s name is Snoopy and lives at Ramona’s Cafe/Day Spa two doors down from Sun Cinema. Snoopy is significantly larger than Lex, and his head and legs appear much more white than Lex’s. Snoopy seems to usually let himself back into Ramona’s but if he should ever wander, hopefully this information will help him return to his owner!

      This evening I also met a gentleman that owns a female yorkie named Tak. He lives around Irving &16th Street NW. Tak is about twice Lexington’s size, but her coat color is pretty much exactly the same. Tak is walked on a red leash with a harness.

      I appreciate hearing where other yorkie owners live so I can ask them to help me keep an eye out, so please keep the sightings coming.

  • Alex

    Hope you find him. Keep seeing the posters literally everywhere, realize how much this little guy means for the owners

  • northeazy

    Pretty sure the going rate for lost/stolen dogs is $10,000 these days

    • Anonymous

      Ugh that idiot was such an ass-hat. Such a terrible precedent that got way too much coverage. Every little dog now has a dollar sign over its head.

  • Shelter

    Or another approach – don’t buy a pet at all, especially not one that needs papers, and instead go to a shelter and give one a home

    • anon

      +1000. But I hope Lexington finds his way home regardless.

    • anon

      how does that change this situation?

    • timmyp2353

      I’m with you here. My question would be where are people buying pets that were stolen anyway? Are they buying a dog from someone on the street? I haven’t seen a pet store that sells dogs in years. OP, where did you get your dog from?

      • eggs

        It’s really, really easy to find dogs for sale on Craigslist, in the classifieds, etc. Unfortunately.

      • jcindc

        Someone actually asked me if I was looking to buy a dog last weekend. I was in a car stopped at a light and the guy was walking in the crosswalk with said dog. Looked like a pit mix. I don’t know if the dog was stolen but it was definitely a weird scene.

      • anon

        If you’re willing to travel one or two counties away from town, you’ll find many dog breeders selling dogs for a pretty penny.

    • kd21

      I dunno, I’m sure to get some heat with this one, but more often than not, you get what you pay for with shelter dogs.

      • Truxtoner

        More often than not? Yeah you should get some heat with that one because that’s a wildly exaggerated nonsense statement. But I have a feeling you know that and anyone who has a shelter dog knows that. There are no doubt shelter dogs who may have health issues from lack of care or emotional issues from abuse and mistreatment, but I’m guessing that pales in comparison to the health issues that a purebred/overbred/inbred pedigree dog someone paid for likely has.

    • On the matter of papers, pretty sure you get some sort of paperwork when you adopt a dog from a shelter. Just trying to point out that finding a dog is not the same as rescuing a dog. There are no stray dogs in DC, just lost dogs.

    • textdoc

      Shelter — Although I generally agree with that sentiment, this thread really isn’t the appropriate place to make that point.
      Nida, I hope you get Lexington back soon!

  • DF

    Sorry to hear about your lost dog. But please, PLEASE, take down the gazillion signs that are everywhere in Columbia Heights and presumable Park View after the dog is either found or enough time has past (you be the judge on that).

    • tom

      can u give it a little more time? these people lost a loved family member and the posters will help get the dog back. have a heart.

      • nw_dc_1988

        He said after the dog is found or after a certain amount of time passes?

    • DF, I have been making note of where I post signs and have been disposing of the ones that have gotten weathered and replacing with new ones. I will be sure to take them all down, or post and ask people to help me to the signs down, if and when Lexington is found.

      I’m glad you think there a lot of signs up, but after reading the first comment in this post I’m still convinced there aren’t enough.

  • 7thStTechGuy

    What happened to the dog that got stolen out of that guy’s car a few weeks ago?

    • anon

      He got it back for $10k.

      • 7thStTechGuy

        That is a ridiculous #

  • zipdc

    Aw, I hope he’s found soon!

  • Pixie

    Poor Lexington, I really hope you find her!

  • michaele moffett

    I’m pretty sure there was a post a few days ago regarding a very friendly ‘found’ Yorkie…

  • James W.

    Can I humbly suggest people stop posting four (or five) figure rewards for lost pets? I can see offering someone a little something for their trouble, whether its covering vet bills or feeding or transportation needed to return a lost pet. But offering anything more just encourages people to steal pets with the hope that the owner will post a lucrative reward. It’s not like you’re trying to persuade a murder witness to snitch. Returning a lost dog is a pretty low risk proposition. But we should shut down pet theft as a profitable venture by a) not buying expensive dogs in the first place and b) not posting eye-popping rewards for their return.

    • Anon4This

      It’s like sending your kid to private school instead of an east of the park DCPS high school- it’s not for the good of society, it’s for the good of my little boy/girl/doggie.

    • Truxtoner

      My dog is a huge mutt I doubt anyone would steal to sell, but if he disappeared I’d offer whatever the hell I feel like offering to get him back and it’s not really your concern. You don’t get to tell people how much their pet is worth to them. If my dog is stolen and four or five figures will get him back, I’m paying it and the rest of you can get over it.

    • Anonymous

      “We don’t negotiate with terrorists.”
      -GWB, Obama, and Future Prez Clinton

    • I think the decision to set a reward should be based on the circumstances surrounding the pet’s disappearance. In our case, we know that the dog thief has been seen trying to sell our dog. We’re just trying to encourage whoever has Lexington now to return her to us, no questions asked.

  • Anonymous

    The other day I was around 9th and v at a bar, and a man walked in with 2 Yorkies and a maltisse. He was very strange and all though I’m not 100% certain I think he was trying to sell them. He was letting everyone pet them and carry them. If I were you I would try to keep an eye out around the u street area where it’s crowded he might be trying to sell them there. It also looked like the bar staff knew him, so maybe he frequents that area.

    • What bar was this? I spoke to one other person last week that said they saw a man with three little dogs that he was letting people pet. The man I spoke to said he wasn’t sure if the guy with the dogs was trying to sell them.

  • Melody

    I hope you find Lexington soon. My yorkie was stolen in January and I recovered him one month later. I made my are so hot, she had no choice but to return him. When I picked him up from her she had purchased a dog bed, harness, leash, jacket, toys and more. I’m pretty sure she bought him from someone but she would not be truthful, kept stuttering and was very uncomfortable. I stopped asking and took my dog after paying her a small reward.
    Dog napping is very very high, especially yorkies. Never give up, being relentless is what secured getting my dog back.
    Please feel free to contact me, I will love to share my tactics and why they worked!


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