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Still Looking For Lexington – “we are convinced Lex was dognapped”

by Prince Of Petworth May 19, 2016 at 9:45 am 19 Comments


“Dear PoPville,

On Thursday, May 12th, we spoke to a neighbor who witnessed Lexington walking alone down the 700 block of Kenyon St NW. This would have occurred roughly 5 minutes after she escaped from our backyard. The neighbor followed Lex down the road to investigate and witnessed a woman in a car pull-up beside Lexington, exit her car, pick up Lexington, get back into her car and drive off. This occurred near the drop-off area in front of Chavez Prep. Thus, we are convinced Lex was dognapped as she had tags with our phone # and a microchip, so the woman could have called us or brought Lexington to a vet or shelter to be identified.

Later on Thursday, a certified search and rescue dog tracked Lexington’s scent in the area that the neighbor saw her abducted, though she had not been on a walk on that street for a week.

After several false alarm calls, we were called on Saturday afternoon by a resident living near Georgia Ave and Park Rd, who had witnessed a small yorkie alone in the alley behind the 700 block of Park on Friday night. The physical description and the description of the dog’s mannerisms matched Lexington. The resident himself owns a yorkie, so we trust his ability to identify the various sizes and shapes of the breed. We then had the search and rescue dog come out again on Sunday, and the dog tracked Lexington’s scent in the alleys behind the north and south side of Park Road abutted by Georgia and Sherman. She has never walked these alleys before.

We have patrolled the neighborhood until late each night since Saturday, hoping to find another trace of her. There have been no other leads up until this point.”

  • Anony

    I will definitely keep my eyes peeled. Sorry for your heartache

  • 23423423

    I feel so sorry for little Lexington and her owners, who are doing everything they can to find her. My roommate and I will definitely keep an eye out – some of our apartment windows look into that alley. Sending best wishes for a happy reunion as soon as possible!

  • mother of puppies

    I get a lump in my throat whenever I see her posters, every day. We have a Yorkie too and live nearby (people have been doing double-takes when they see us, so people are on the lookout!); we’ll start taking our walks up in that direction and keep an eye out.

  • dcd

    It appears that a $10,000 reward is the way to go, as opposed to search and rescue dogs.

    • Anon

      Sadly this seems true.

    • Anonymous

      “Let the free market work it out!”
      -Meridian Pint Republican Hill staffer

    • Anony

      Reserved for staffers of rich politicians

  • DC res

    Did the neighbor provide a description of the woman taking your dog? White, black, fat, skinny? What about the car? SUV? Sedan? What color?

    If you have this info, it’s important to include it. This is how we help MPD combat crime and create a safer, more livable city.

    • Duponter

      I am also confused if Lex was dognapped on Thursday, but then spotted in an alley nearby on Saturday what that means? Sounds like maybe Lex wasn’t dognapped? What am I missing here? I agree though, more description of the vehicle would be useful. And obviously if you drop a decent sized reward (greater than black market street value for the dog), you’re more likely to get her back it seems. Sending well wishes your way and hope you get your baby back.

      • We have worked with two different dog trackers and done a lot of research to try to understand what motivates people in these situations. The woman that was seen taking Lexington likely thought Lex was a puppy given her size, personality, and the limited amount of silver in her coat. Whoever she was, she likely saw some of our posters and either felt pressured to return the dog, or discovered that the black market value of a 10 year old, toothless dog.. Our second round of posters were updated to reflect that we are not only offering a reward, but there would be “NO QUESTIONS ASKED”. The trackers that we worked with warned us early in the search process that a person making a split second decision to keep a dog they found with the tags on may still be fearful of retribution and therefore unlikely to turn the dog over to owner or animal control. The woman may have felt pressured by the posters and panicked when she saw us with search dogs. Regardless, we were warned that the person that initially abducted Lex would be more likely to abandon her somewhere than bring her to a safe place. The police have told us time and again that they typically don’t involved in these cases since we don’t have evidence that anyone abducted Lex from our inside home or yard. We have tried requesting footage from the school, as well as DCMPD and Private Security Camera Incentive Program cameras, but have received no replies to our inquirires. When we thought there had been another sighting this past Sunday, we decided it may not be worth the time and effort to pursue the footage in the 700 Block alley since he may have been seen in a different part of the neighborhood than she was on Friday evening. However, the Sunday sighting turned out to be a false alarm. Since we know that Lexington was abandoned by the woman that originally abducted her, our concern is that Lex may no longer be wearing her collar and tags, and that she was likely picked up a second time. Whoever has her now may not know that she was previously abducted and that we are desperately looking for her. They may have found her on a rainy night last week and assumed her owners merely kicked her to the curb. We just need people to keep an eye out, and keep talking to friends, neighbors, and acquaintances. We just want our dog back.

        • Anon

          Who have you contacted at the school? Have you tried the office of their CEO? Might have a better response since school principals are often unresponsive or hard to get in touch with. Since there are multiple campuses of the Chavez school, their main office might be a better path.

          • Thanks for the suggestion. I spoke to a man who did not give me his name, but promised to contact me. However, since we do not know or believe that the person who originally picket up Lex still has her, the footage may ultimately be of very limited value. But I will be sure to follow up again.

  • Have you been checking local shelters? Looks like a Yorkie was just found on 16th ST NW, just came in at WHS NY Ave:
    Animal ID 31629865 , Species Dog Breed Terrier, Yorkshire/Mix
    Age 5 years Sex Female Date Found 5/18/2016 Location Found 6101 16th st NW
    Size Medium Color Tan / Grey Location Dog Main Kennel Site New York Ave Weight 9.2 pound


    • Timebomb

      The dog was chipped, so if this was the dog, the owner would have been contacted before the dog was posted.

      • Timebomb

        (although it wouldn’t hurt to check in in case a volunteer messed up or the chip malfunctioned/drifted)

    • Yes, immediately reported her as lost with the Washington Humane Society, her microchip company, and her veterinarian. I have also dropped off fliers with many pet store in DC, and contacted the dog walking companies we have used in the past to keep an eye out. I still need to reach out to groomers and more doggy day care places.

  • Stephanie

    My only question/issue with the dognapping theory is that most dogs won’t approach an unknown human, particularly if they are freaked out after escaping their familiar yard. Maybe your pup is super friendly? I’m also confused about why the neighbor wouldn’t have called to the dog thief and at least made them aware that someone saw them? The whole thing is sad and weird, and I hope your little pup is home soon!!

    • Duponter

      Where did anyone say the dog approached the woman who took the dog? The story is the woman hopped out of her car and grabbed the dog. And perhaps the neighbor thought the woman was retrieving her own dog. Still, I probably would have made an effort to note the car/license plates if possible. I try to do that when I see weird things in case I come here to POP and see articles like this one.

      • Lexington loves children and strangers. In fact, she may have even appeared excited to get into the car with the woman. Our understanding is that the neighbor that witnessed Lex get picked up on 5/10 was initially concerned when he saw the dog walking alone, but did not make note of the vehicle make or plates because at the time he thought the dog was safe from harm since she was no longer walking around alone. Similarly, the man that saw Lex in an alley on 5/13 did not think she was lost because she seemed friendly and playful.


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