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“An upscale fine dining restaurant serving seafood and steak that offers Live Entertainment.”

by Prince Of Petworth June 29, 2016 at 10:22 pm 20 Comments

ocean prime
1341 G Street, NW

This is the former Ceiba space that closed in 2014.  The newly posted liquor license placards say:

“An upscale fine dining restaurant serving seafood and steak that offers Live Entertainment.”

Ocean Prime’s website says:

“Cameron Mitchell Restaurants is thrilled to announce that its award-winning modern American restaurant and lounge, Ocean Prime will open its 13th location nationwide in Washington, DC in fall 2016. Its first foray into the nation’s capital, Ocean Prime will be located in the Colorado Building at 1341 G Street, NW. Serving lunch Monday through Friday and dinner nightly, Ocean Prime will offer guests prime seafood, steaks, handcrafted cocktails and world-class wines in a captivating ambiance with signature genuine hospitality.”

You can see their Philly menus here.  Updates as we get closer to their Fall opening.

  • anon

    Just what the area needs– another steak and seafood place

    • Anon

      Better than another fusion small plates spot or a vacant storefront.

      • adjectives anon

        Or anything with the words “crafted”, “handcrafted”, “heirloom”, “important”, “chef-inspired”, or “locally-sourced” in the description.

        • Brookland mom

          YES!!! If I see “handcrafted” cocktail one more time….I am not sure how a cocktail is supposed to be made other than by hand.

          • adjectives anon

            It makes me so irrationally angry!!! And RIGHT???? It’s not an original concept anymore, people!

          • alurin

            When you pour margarita mix and tequila into a glass, that is not a hand-crafted cocktail, even if technically hands are involved somewhere in the process.

          • Anon

            You should try one of mine hand-drawn pours! Fresh suds, coming up!

          • adjectives anon

            @alurin, you’re pouring it using your… what? Also, point being, the phrase is incredibly overused and passé.

            @anon – yes, let’s add “hand-drawn pours” to that list, too!

          • I think when it initially worked its way into the restaurant lingo “handcrafted” was used to distinguish bars where you could find drinks that required a bit more effort than “vodka+soda” or pitcher margaritas, etc. Now that it’s part of practically every “drinks program” it really has become somewhat meaningless. That’s not to say however that the amount of bars that are actually making an effort to offer something more creative hasn’t greatly increased, for the benefit of anyone who wants something potentially unique.

          • alurin

            @adjectives anon: Yes, as a I said, hands are involved somewhere… But most places you can eat and drink in this country, your hamburger is coming frozen off a Sysco truck and your cocktail is premixed except for the alcohol and your beer is some watery sour rice pilsener. This is because it’s cheaper and faster to do it that way. So bring on the “artisinal” burgers and the “handmade” cocktails and the “craft” beers (or the handmade beers, craft cocktails, and artisinal beers, if you prefer). That’s just a signal that it’s going to take longer and be more expensive, but worth it.

            Someone’s got to stand up for pretentious food!

  • ctk

    I miss Ceiba.

    • jumpingjack

      Ceiba was a pretty good restaurant in a sea of steak and seafood places. I really liked their Feijoada.

    • They had a pretty legit happy hour, especially for this little section of downtown.

    • Philippe Lecheval

      They were regularly one of the very best Restaurant Week values for dinner. I miss that.

  • alurin

    Steak that offers live entertainment? Is it going to dance, sing, perform magic tricks?

  • Anon

    It’s somewhat telling that an announcement for a generic steak/seafood spot garners more attention than mention of that Volt chef opening a new restaurant in City Center.

    • Probably because his last few openings have fallen way short of the standard he set.

  • Go Bucks

    As a proud Ohio transplant to DC, excited to see Cameron Mitchell is coming to the area. He has quite a few great restaurants in the Columbus area. O-H…

    • MKDGman

      Totally agree! I would love to see Cap City Diner come here as well. I-O!

  • I Dont Get It

    They have a “Young Adult” menu? I’m sure there is a silly joke in there but I’m not that familiar with that genre of fiction.


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