• Josh

    Harold, the sun is so bright after being stuck on that train for six hours.

  • Help! Anybody?! This escalator has stopped! We don’t know what to do!

    • Lisa


  • Sheik Yerbouti

    This is what happens when teenagers enter the Metro system in 2016.

  • Bemused

    Hillary and Donald look back fondly on that fateful year when they fell madly in love.

  • zandunga

    I remember the days when smoke at a train station was rare rather than the norm. The good old days.

  • Ummmm burgers

    I do say the colonies appear to be abandoned.

  • textdoc

    These days, Metro makes you want to sound your barbaric yawp.

  • Nancy

    But the guide said it’s the perfect place to watch the fireworks!!

  • LP

    The last time the metro escalators were working pre-dates color film!

  • Tinylou

    I don’t see the yacht!

  • Diane

    In retrospect, Margaret should have taken the elevator at Woodley Park.

  • bystanderontheright

    Just blocks from the White House!

  • ET

    There’s a Orpheus and Eurydice joke in there for someone more clever than I.

    • ChillyDC

      Only until he looks back…

  • Jessica

    I don’t think we’re in Kansas anymore…

  • banananonymous

    Stop looking at him, Clara, Street Sense is probably a new street drug

  • Thurston and Lovey Howell emerging from a fateful trip.

  • Beltway Greg

    Consultants searching for Mayor Bowser’s political future.

  • gsml

    Post WMATA Safe Track surge #512.

  • t-dig

    I don’t know dear. Those gates weren’t pearly and I certain don’t believe that man up there is St. Peter.

  • albany

    The escalator is working!? We must be on candid camera – look there it is! I knew this couldn’t be real.

  • apes

    Oh, honey, look at that nice waterfall!

  • A

    “Bob, do you see anyone? I don’t think anyone else survived.”

  • cwjCP

    “No one can pull the wool over my eyes about the state of metro. Cashmere maybe, but wool, never.” – Thurston Howell III

  • SP

    Alfred and Bertha were 19 when they left Cleveland Park for Dupont Circle.

  • Phosphora

    “Just sit right back and you’ll hear a tale, a tale of a fateful trip….”

  • JB

    New exhibit coming to the Smithsonian American History Museum in 2017: Washington Metro and Escalators 1976 – 2016

  • Bloomy

    Residents emerge from the ground after seeking shelter from the Trump presidency.

  • karna

    Mr. & Mrs. Howell thought they were just going on a three-hour tour.

    • karna

      Oops, I didn’t see the previous Gililgan’s Island reference.

  • russellupton

    “Reg… I thought you said they’d installed a new waterfall.”

  • S

    Always on top of things, Metro officials reactivate the undercover Phantom Planter task force in response to the uptick in Metro crime.

  • Sue

    Is that a tourist that I see before me?

  • Ray H

    The first two refugees discover that the emergency Brexit lets you out at DuPont North.

  • stacie

    “is that a waterfall i see?”

  • Nick Loris

    Welcome to the Cleveland Park log flume

  • Liz

    Where did you park the car? I told you we were one aisle over….

  • E

    “I hope they have a Sharper Image at the National Mall. I hear they sell the best steaks there.”


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