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“Gunfire 5:30pm on corner 7th & Jefferson NW”

by Prince Of Petworth June 2, 2016 at 9:05 am 49 Comments

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Tony tweets us yesterday:

“Gunfire 5:30pm on corner 7th & Jefferson NW. What is being done for this problem area

Council Member Brandon T. Todd replies:

“have you called 911?”

Tony responds:

“Of course. Street was closed as they recovered shell casings and examined vehicles hit”


    I have no idea what it will take for the police and our city leaders to address this corner. There are shootings/gun shots here almost weekly now. Are the police just turning a blind eye? I want to know from CM Todd and Chief Lanier why this corner is seemingly being ignored and what the plan is to fix it.

    • Another Neighbor


  • Ward 4 Voter

    Council Member Todd, you officially just lost my vote. Whether honest or sarcastic, worst reply ever.

    • transplanted

      He’s the worst. I’m voting Leon Andrews but I have little hope that we can oust Todd.

  • HaileUnlikely

    The only way we will get this guy out of office is if we all rally behind a single candidate and not split the Anti-Todd vote. Haile Unlikely supports Leon Andrews.

    • samanda_bynes

      seriously – what a response. this guy needs to get out.

    • Dan

      I agree, HalieUnlikely. However, I don’t know if Mr. Andrews is the solution. As voters, we continue to elect these do nothing and self serving politicians. Brandon Todd is a weak legislator and he’s a sycophant for Mayor Bowser. Both Muriel and Brandon pander to Shepherd Park residents and they are not as concerned about the happenings in Petworth. Most of you high ranking black D.C. Government Officials reside in Shepherd Park. 8th & Kennedy Streets, NW have been a troubled area for the last 40 years. We need new leadership at the 4th District. I am not impressed with the current Commander. 3D have had 3 different Commanders within the last year. The Washington City Paper had an article last week regarding the shortage of MPD police officers and Police Chief Lanier is hated by most of the officers who haven’t received a raise in 8 years and Lanier is earning close to $300,000 yearly. Speaking with a few 4D police officers, the morale is low at the 4th District.

      • textdoc

        Surely Andrews would be better than Todd, though.

        • timmyp

          I nominate PoPville Commenter Jim_Ed. Guy is always on point and funny to boot. Seems like he lives in the area too. What do you say Jim?

          • ANON

            Love this

          • I’ve been trying to convince him to get involved as an ANC Commissioner for a few years now. That said, I anticipate more than a few eye rolls coming from me tonight as a result of this comment.

          • jim_ed

            Hmmm. On one hand I’d hate to give up my current role as “guy who yells at councilmembers and commissioners for their half baked ideas at ANC meetings”, but on the other hand, I HAVE been looking for a convenient way to set up a slush fund to finance my decadent lifestyle….
            You know what? It’s 2016, and frankly electing an anonymous internet commenter to a government body is the kind of #disruption that even Jeff Jarvis would be proud of. I’m in. Please send all (cash only) campaign donations to

            Jim Ed 4 Council
            C/O Taqueria Distrito Federal
            805 Kennedy St NW

      • HaileUnlikely

        I’m not certain anybody specific is THE ANSWER, but I prefer Andrews over any other actual candidate by a large amount. Who would you rather vote for? Calvin Gurley?

        • textdoc

          Yikes — is Calvin Gurley running again??
          It gets hard to keep track of what he’s running for. (Didn’t he run for mayor in the last election?)

          • HaileUnlikely

            He personally handed me a flyer on my way into the Takoma Metro Station one morning this week, so I’m thinking he is.

    • Leon Andrews lives on Jefferson St so, presumably, this would be a concentration of his…

  • LittleBluePenguin

    Good grief! I approve of the tag PoP used, however. “Oy” indeed!

  • Tony’s Friend

    I’m so glad you posted this exchange, which raised my eyebrows last night when you re-tweeted the original Tweet. I agree with the other posters, this corner and a larger radius around it have been hot for years to no avail. It’s a clash of so many worlds, and like other places in DC, is not being managed well, which means crime and danger remain quite serious.

  • textdoc

    Jesus H. Christ. That’s the kind of response you might expect from a neighbor on a listserve… not from the councilmember for your entire ward.

  • dcworth

    What is the story with this corner? Is it a specific house?

    • jim_ed

      It’s a mix of specific houses, several subsidized housing apartment buildings, and the open air drug market on Jefferson between 8th and 5th.

      • There’s another pretty open drug corner on 4th and Jefferson.

    • HaileUnlikely

      There was a “you can’t make this stuff up” quality article in the Post a year or so ago detailing the sequence of events that led up to one guy over there [house along the stretch of Jefferson that Jim notes] getting busted for a murder in which he walked up to a parked car and shot the driver in the head. The article cited a witness who stated that he went to the house to buy drugs, and on his way there, saw his dealer walk up to the parked car and shoot the driver in the head, called 911 and reported his dealer, and then proceeded to his original destination to go buy drugs from the guy who he had just witnessed cap the driver and reported for it.

  • Patrick Division

    I hope the Petworth neighbors are making sure that our local media outlets are aware of CM Todd’s response to this situation and his continued disdain for the people who elected him.

  • Brightwoodian

    I too am jumping on the any one but Todd train. I really like Ron Austin. He is a great guy and actually believes in being tough on crime. I may end up voting for Leon Andrews though because I’m worried Todd will benefit from a split vote as an earlier commenter pointed out. Honestly I wish the options were a little more diverse. I’m not speaking about race but views. While anyone is probably better than Todd, I expect more of the same from whoever runs. We’re not going to get anything innovative or groundbreaking from any of the candidates. Here is an idea and a way to get my support. Organize a city wide protest for statehood. Instead of walking door to door asking for votes and pandering to me, organize a march on the capital. Something that shows you are invested in a new future for DC and not more of the same old corruption and crap our current mayor represents through her special interest handouts (homeless shelter plan). I was presently surprised by the council standing up for DC and working out a solution that was more financially viable. Again… just because someone will probably put race into my new future comment. I only mean forward thinking leadership. I don’t mean noninclusive leadership.

    • Brightwoodian

      presently surprised… Whoops! That is what I get for committing half my focus to work and half to Popville.

  • ParkViewneighbor

    and how is his answer a surprise ?

    • textdoc

      Because one expects a councilmember to at least _feign_ concern (as Petwood Rez said below).

      • ParkViewneighbor

        I should have subtitled my post with a #sarcasm :)

  • Common Sense

    This guy needs to know his role and step up for the neighborhood or step down. I have friends that live in the area and have bullet holes in their houses. They don’t deserve this. This city needs to saturate this area for months with police like they saturate Georgetown for months when one white person gets mugged.

  • Boomer

    This is why I get so annoyed when they keep touting the 5th and Kennedy street temporary homeless housing as in a safe environment. We residents who live don’t like walking the area and we are frustrated with the crime that goes on.

    • Brightwoodian

      Boomer, I tried to argue that when the mayors plan first came up. I’m against the neighborhood shelters because I don’t trust the city to run the shelters well and in a way to minimize their impact on the neighborhood. My mistrust is from 1. DC government’s past 2. The location(safe place for a vulnerable citizens… come on) and 3. It made no sense financially (we can’t afford this so we’ll put it on a high interest credit card with a bank my campaign contributors own).

      • HaileUnlikely

        Stick to the argument that it is a bad environment for vulnerable citizens. The DC government has not been, is not, and will not be receptive to the other two.

        • Brightwoodian

          I consider it a victory the city council at least looked at the Mayors plan and came up with something that made more sense financially. I’d love to talk with a candidate that was against subsidized housing. I get and I’m okay with the idea of mixed income housing. It works. I know it doesn’t create enough housing for lower incomes but its the best solution.

          • You do know that mixed income housing generally includes housing subsidies for the lower income units in the building, right?

    • Brightwoodian

      I’m willing to make the distinction between a deal with a new developer to put income restrictions on a percentage of the total units. While that is still subsidizing the units, I take issue with the city or any level government running a building for the sole purpose of housing lower income residents.

      • textdoc

        OK. So you’re against “public housing” (city-administered) but not against subsidized housing.
        Aren’t some of the buildings/complexes that people complain about here (like the one at 13th and Columbia) privately administered subsidized housing. though? (I realize that’s not an exact parallel to a building or complex where _some_ of the units are subsidized, but not all.)

        • textdoc

          *Government-administered, not city-administered per se.

        • Brightwoodian

          Yes. I am okay with using incentives and public policy to help make sure privately run complexes include lower income housing. I am against subsidizing an entire building and concentrating poverty in a government administered or a privately administered building. My issue has less to do with the government spending money to help lower income families and more to do with the impact that dense poverty has on a community.

  • anon

    This has to be one of the worst corners in Northwest DC, rivaling 7th and O, 14th and Columbia, and the Florida/North Cap area. Agree that the gov needs to pay more attention to this, and to the entire Kennedy Street corridor writ large. There is so much promising economic development coming, but this type of crap threatens all of it.

    • J

      I know MPD is staffing strapped but it would be great if they could pull together the resources to tackle these (and I’d add Lamont and Georgia to the list) areas. Just increasing presence there on/off over the summer could go a long way.

  • Petwood Rez

    So, I posted to the article https://www.popville.com/2016/05/what-went-down-at-the-yes-organic-market-at-1015-this-morning/#comments about police response time regarding the very spot this shooting occurred yesterday. At the time I posted that comment I also wrote an e-mail to Chief Lanier, 4D Commander Manlapaz and Councilmember Brandon Todd. Both the Chief and the 4D Commander took the time to personally respond to my concerns, Mr. Todd never responded to me. It is frustrating, as a resident on this corner and a constituent of Mr. Todd’s, to continually be ignored and underserved. If the Chief of police can take the time to respond to a citizen’s concern (maybe it was an intern who responded, but at least it came from Ms. Lanier’s e-mail), I expect the Councilmember in my Ward to at least feign concern. In my response to the article last week when I said waiting for gunshots to follow, I was unfortunately right, just a few days early.

    • HaileUnlikely

      Well, Commander Manlapaz and Chief Lanier don’t have an election to worry about. Mr. Todd doesn’t have time to acknowledge his dumbass constituents, he has importunt campaigning to do.

    • transplanted

      “It is frustrating, as a resident on this corner and a constituent of Mr. Todd’s, to continually be ignored and underserved.”
      The weirdest part is that if you ever meet him personally and explain that you cannot get a response from anyone in his office, he will look you dead in the face and say, “that’s not possible, I pride myself on constituent services!” A glimpse into the mind of a narcissist surrounded by yes-men.

  • MG

    This makes me so mad I could spit. And I’m a lady, I don’t spit. But GD, get it together. We had a useless “crime meeting” at the 8th & Jefferson church several weeks ago, with the useless Todd spewing his nonsense. Nothing is done, nothing changes, these fools keep on shooting up the neighborhood. And our council member tells us to call the cops? Everyone I know will be glad when his sorry behind is gone from office. Never should have been there in the first place. Really tired of the violence around here.

  • Annoyed

    It looks like Brandon has deleted his tweet. Way to go, Brandon!

    This makes me sick.

    • Brightwooder

      I hope someone screencapped the tweet! That is reprehensible. I hope we can get him OUT this election!

  • Anonymous

    The problem is MPD. VICE and any other proactive police strategies were thrown out the window by Lanier, so now they only “react and respond”. But of course, 911 response times are awful, so people rarely get arrested. This prompts angry residents and probably a public meeting, maybe a crime walk. Whatever. Nothing changes. I’m rather agnostic about most public policy in this city, but crime is something I pay attention to and Bowser is letting MPD and crime drag her down. Do they not get how mad people are?

  • Citizen

    Another shooting tonight on the same corner around 11:30pm…..


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