Huge Tree Falls, Crushes Car on Yuma b/w 36th and Reno Road

by Prince Of Petworth May 14, 2016 at 2:06 pm 14 Comments


A reader reports just after 1pm:

“No one hurt but the car is obviously a total loss. Tree came down after a gust. The owner of the house with the tree (on city land) said he had been worried about the health of the tree and had contacted the city, but there wasn’t any obvious problem with it. Power is out for about 50 houses in North Cleveland Park/Tenleytown.”


  • neighbor

    Wow that thing is huge! That sucks! What terrible luck.

  • textdoc

    Whoa!! Thank God no one was in the car at the time.

  • victoria

    Crap awful for the car owner – but Damn, trees are just so magnificent and enormous! And I really love that they fall and crash and then offer all they have to the future in luscious decomposition.

    • Kingman Park

      And firewood.

  • Marty

    probably a Maryland driver

  • Josh

    Just buff it out.

  • Anonymous

    That’s good fire wood. Hopefully a few neighbors have chain saws. That wood will dry out nicely over the summer.

    • Rich

      In the blue collar ‘burb where I grew-up, people had chain saws. In upper NW DC, they hire someone who has a chain saw.

      Having lived through a couple tree downings (all on neighbors’ property but all effecting me or my family but thankfully not our cars), it’s difficult to know when these things will happen, even if trees show some signs of decline. Often it’s something like ice or water from a heavy rain that ultimately brings down a sick tree.

    • crin

      Wish the city used the portable sawmill they have. That elm would make beautiful flooring.

      • white oak

        • tirefire

          Northern red oak

  • Old guy

    The google street view of this block shows that tree leaning at quite an angle before it came down.

    • DC_Chica

      wow – the streetview definitely shows that it was leaning – I’m so glad that no one was hurt but it concerns me that the city dismissed the potential hazard posed by this tree (of course we don’t know what exactly the homeowner told the city, and vice versa).

  • dcdgo76

    I grew up across the street from this tree and my parents still live there (to the left of the police cruiser in the 2nd photo). Everyone in the neighborhood knew that tree would come down at some point, and the owners of the house with the tree in the front yard called DC repeatedly about it, but of course DC is never proactive about anything. Funny that you guys can take a quick look on Google Maps and easily see that it was going to come down. Thank god nobody got hurt as Yuma St is pretty busy for a residential street and there’s a school right there to the left of the smashed pickup truck (the school’s fence got damaged some).

    I’ll update this thread later in the week after I talk to the homeowners and neighbors.


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